RAISING 500K-5MN for professional service based on official financial invention as a private business method involving data science and web developers of credit products and securities ones' source for TAW UNIVERSAL COMMERCE CREDIT

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TAW is Fintech  R&D financial services provider as a private corporate finance firm. 

TAW provides credit products and processing  services for all analog or digital data TAW DFS & DFSII converting  all financial and transactional commerce data
through the TAWS' DFS & DFSII financial software into TAW UNIVERSAL COMMERCE CREDIT 
which provides Credit Scores and or Ratings to any consumer and economic enterprise from start-ups to government agencies. 

TAW private platform solves a major issue by providing a system for the new and pre-existing consumer who either need credit - credit growth and the ability to maintain their credit level for fundable in the market. TAW DFS & DFSII system can charitable aide the disenfranchised, the misfortunate, and the forgotten by providing a true clear path back to credit health and prayerful stability.  

TAW services encompass scores and ratings for startups and any economic enterprise that desires their own clear path in establishing true business credit without having to be a PG for every milestone for growth.  as this accounts for 47% of business today. 

TAW has services for High Net Worth or High Profile Personalities Government - Miltary and even International and Sovereign entities. 

We thank you for the only prompt positive interest  that will allow us to opportunity 
to receive investment to establish the firm for scale and growth. 

For more information, please accept our or provide an NDA   
Favorable Terms are based on investment size. 

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