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1.  SYNOPSIS:          TALKDUST is a content driven social media site, bringing folks together based upon their interests, not their identities.  TALKDUST will bridge the gap of differing ideologies and philosophies by providing a safe neutral zone and mediating healthy conversations.  TALKDUST provides a focused format for discussions on any topic at any time, creating a new dynamism to the way the world communicates.  Users meet other users with similar interests in a social media environment that does not require any relationship other than a common interest.   Users can wrap TALKDUST around any article, subject, anything they find on the web, instantly engaging in conversation related specifically to their current focus, thereby getting their questions answered, their concerns addressed, and availing themselves of other concerns, questions and perceptions.  It is akin to going shopping with a dynamic posse of people who will share their thoughts on whatever it is you are interested in.  Conceptually, TALKDUST is revolutionary. It transforms the internet from a static source of information to a real time human experience, available to all without any cost for admission. TALKDUST will be a global consciousness, providing transparent access to the beliefs, ideas, opinions and thoughts of the world’s people.  TALKDUST will be the place where thoughts and ideas gather and integrate into a true collective consciousness, bending the communication timeline by providing a global platform that facilitates direct communication between people.   

2.  PURPOSE:  The purpose of TALKDUST is to facilitate discussions between the people of the world.  TALKDUST creates a discussion forum unhindered by borders or language barriers.  TALKDUST provides a massive conduit for the exchange of ideas, thoughts and perspectives, and in doing so, provides an alternative to traditional media and managed information sources.  It individualizes access to information.  TALKDUST also provides a massive data resource from which trend analysis, opinion and world-think can be extracted in real time with precision.  There is nothing like TALKDUST.  It is not just a chat room application or a Facebook knock off, it is a revolutionary perspective and application of the power of the internet

3.  PROBLEM SOLVED:    TALKDUST embodies a dynamic search engine with scraper perfection, machine learning, artificial intelligence, neuro-programming and data mining, providing an essential catalyst to achieving a revolutionary tool to synergize people and information.  Unlike current social media, TALKDUST does not host content, it is a vehicle that drives you to it, a broker whose focus is to host conversations.  TALKDUST will open up the deepest realms of data and communication, without a Talkduster needing to think about opening another tab and adding search terms into a text box.  Our intention is to replace Facebook and Twitter icons with TALK DUST'S, bringing media to the conversation.  Today's social media has created a paradoxical situation.  Although Folks know what everybody has had for dinner and how wonderful their children are, they really do not have a legitimate social interaction.  The paradox is that as social media's presence increases it's footprint in our culture, it decreases actual social interaction.  TALKDUST solves this problem.  Wouldn't it be splendid if throughout our endeavors, we were surrounded by people willing to advise, share thoughts and perspectives, help, guide and provide positive meaningful influence?  TALKDUST creates an environment where this happens, anywhere the Talkduster wants it to happen.  TALKDUST eliminates the impersonal drive-by feel of other social media sites by providing a format tailored to personal conversations, no different than socializing at a cocktail party or a wedding reception or any sort of social gathering.          TALKDUST brings the world together by actualizing the most primal of human traits, conversing with other human beings.  Significantly, TALKDUST is wide open to anybody with an idea.  Access to other people and their beliefs, ideas, opinions and thoughts is without restraint.  It is no longer who you know?  Now, it is what do you want to TALKDUST about?   Social media has become toxic, rather than, literally, social.  In real life, social events occur around a plethora of topics, ideas, interests. TALKDUST will endure because, unlike today’s social media giants, we’re focused on the connectivity, facilitation and promotion of like minded interest.  On TALKDUST, the information and knowledge flow to the user, not from the user.  In real life social settings, conversations often evolve, devolve and cycle through multiple individuals who take interest in the last things discussed. TALKDUST will match you, in the moment, to the conversations and topics of your desired interest. In the tech world all sorts of advancements have been made that can be leveraged to build a social media framework unlike any of the current titans of the internet. Machine learning can be better leveraged and baked in from the onset. Websockets eliminate the heavy overhead of AJAX and the likes of standard HTTP. Microservices, containers and container orchestration eliminate the monolithic architectures of the past, making way for extremely agile development. Leveraging the bleeding edge of technology with a truly conversive and social approach to the internet will attract individuals who find themselves stuck in the latest political vent on current mainstream media and social media.  

 Social media was originated around the idea of connections. It attempted to eliminate the need for proximity to maintain friendship. It was a way to connect, stay updated, and follow others without needing to actually talk or even know them. It created a broadcasting system of human lives and interactions, but this original goal has dissipated into a cluttered cacophony of meaningless information with little purpose.  The personal aspect of it, is almost entirely gone. TALKDUST isn’t necessarily trying to bring back the personal aspect of social media. Profiles aren’t required, and little information is needed to join, however it is bringing back the concept of personal thoughts and opinions being actually shared rather than posted. Each message is an actual person’s words and isn’t merely a forwarded or shared article that has become so far from actual information. A conversation may have originated from this by sharing the link, but what is more important is the dialogue that follows and this is specifically accommodated by TALKDUST'S platform and strengths. 
Facebook is in hot water, Twitter has been dwindling for years, migrating towards a more academic and professional audience. Neither has successfully promoted civil conversations with the general public.  Reddit isn’t flashy or welcoming. Omegle and KiK are good for chatting with strangers, and pedophiles. Snapchat isn’t sustainable and their own CEO said they’ll never make money. Instagram is nice, and excellent at content based social media, but doesn’t really promote discussions. Gitter is probably the biggest competition, but it is more historical and lacks the in the moment engagement we plan to promote. A void is becoming more noticeable in the present internet for “in the moment,” reputable, civil like-minded, content driven conversations, a void TALKDUST will fill. 
The initial target age bracket has grown up with social media and the idea that information is always available is assumed, now. However, with the devolving of Facebook, the lack of personality on Instagram, and the yearning for reality in a fake-reality world there isn’t a platform that focuses on discussion and also has the usability and aesthetic of the major social media giants. That’s where TALKDUST comes in. It creates an appealing user friendly platform that takes the discussion basis of Reddit, the urgency of Omegle, and mainstreams their best qualities into TALKDUST.

4.  THE TIME IS NOW:  People are realizing the emptiness and lack of legitimate efficacy of current social media.  There is currently a tangible cultural wonderment as to the point of today's social media.  TALKDUST provides valuable communication and information in real time, not just drive-by commentary and personal display.  It provides an informative experience that sates the human need for social interaction while, unlike other social media, providing a purpose to the social interaction.

5.   MARKET:  TALKDUST has an exceptionally broad market in that it will become a tool, similar to a pair of reading glasses necessary for reading.  TALKDUST is a media site that folks take with them as they travel the internet.  Notwithstanding, our initial target will be the folks who utilize Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and other sites that provide individual interaction.  The market potential is massive.  It will be like telephone service, whereas the telephone provided access, TALKDUST is a utility that provides real time information on whatever subject matter one desires, the ultimate access to information.  Our algorithms will provide the world's best coefficiency between advertisers and target markets, maximizing clicks and page views.

6.   OUR COMPETITORS:  We do not view our "competitors" as direct competition in that the utility of "competing sites" is so different from TALKDUST.  However, we have evaluated many of the sites that superficially would be deemed "competitors."  Our analysis is as follows:
Competition / alternatives
 | Platform  | TALKDUST | Facebook | Instagram | Parler
 | Main Function | A place focused around discussion. Gives an immediate and urgent platform for conversations. It takes the forum style of other websites and makes it compatible with the user friendly and appealing atmosphere of other websites into one platform, without the need for an extensive profile.  | A place focused around the individual. It connects people from anywhere and everywhere and ultimately creates an online personality of each individual. By uploading photos, posts, and interests, people can be involved in others lives without actually being involved. | A place focused around images. Instagram began as just a place for photo sharing and photography but has evolved into a similar personality and individual representation that Facebook has mastered. It also is used for many brands and companies to further represent themselves.
 | Current Audience |   | Millennials and older, mostly parents.  | Generation Z and the end of the Millennials, along with businesses/brands. 
 | Strengths | Combines the best qualities of other platforms in a unique and undiscovered way. Doesn’t require an extensive profile. Any topic, any time, anywhere. New | Allows connections without worrying about distance Online personality Idea/photo/life sharing | A creative way to express one's life without many or any words. Unique Popular right now Has business aspect without the spammy feel of Facebook Exclusively youth and icon based
 | Weaknesses | Too new Not streamlined yet                    | Recent scandal Becoming ad and spam based Lacking personal qualities it was based around Lost younger generations interest and dwindling user amount.  | Difficult to find people if you don’t know their exact username. 

 |   | TALKDUST | Reddit  | Twitter
 | Main Function  | A place focused around discussion. Gives an immediate and urgent platform for conversations. It takes the forum style of other websites and makes it compatible with the user friendly and appealing atmosphere of other websites into one platform, without the need for an extensive profile.  | A place focused around topics. A platform that is discussion and topic based and can be continual for as long as the forum is open. Has an entire community around the website and has almost every topic imaginable to discuss or add to.  | A place focused around celebrities and conciseness. A platform where everyday people can be connected to the famous and idolized by a simple follow. In addition, a better way to connect to mass amounts of people by not having to accept friends or request friends.
 | Current Audience |   | Any age, but primarily young adult males | Any age, but primarily celebrities, millenials, and gen z.
 | Strengths | Combines the best qualities of other platforms in a unique and undiscovered way. Doesn’t require an extensive profile. Any topic, anywhere. New Only in the moment | Large following Basis of many other forum sights ·         Imgur ·         4chan Current Any topic | No need to request friendship, or accept friendship Current Trending aspect Hashtags Memes
 | Weakness | Too new Not streamlined yet       Only in the moment | Stigma of “geeky male dominated” and “insensitive” Hard to navigate Unwelcoming  | Difficult to understand at first Very specific type of user Becoming less personal and more ad/mega account based

 |   | TALKDUST | Chatous | Omegle
 | Main Function  | A place focused around discussion. Gives an immediate and urgent platform for conversations. It takes the forum style of other websites and makes it compatible with the user friendly and appealing atmosphere of other websites into one platform, without the need for an extensive profile.  | Connects folks for purposes of chatting without much deference to common interests. | Randomly connects individuals.
 | Current Audience |   | Lonely folks desperate for socialization, bots. | Lonely folks, desperate for socialization, bots.
 | Strengths | Combines the best qualities of other platforms in a unique and undiscovered way. Doesn’t require an extensive profile. Any topic, anywhere. New Only in the moment | Chatous has an appealing easy to use App.   | The coding is solid but the functionality is of little positive value.
 | Weakness | Too new Not streamlined yet       Only in the moment | Code quality is poor.  Many bugs due to poor engineering practices.  Not an agile company. | There is no legitimate point to the functioning purpose of Omegle.
7.   TALKDUST WILL THRIVE:    The market capitalization of social media sites is driven by two factors, user numbers and revenue.  As TALKDUST develops into a utility unlike other social media sites which are only destinations, an advertising platform with outstanding credibility will evolve.  The discussions on TALKDUST are subject specific, thus our algorithms that place advertisements will provide the most tailored synergy available in social media.  We will develop our own frameworks to facilitate advertising rather than using Google Adsense or other sub-contract web advertising services.  Obviously, we are counting on having viral appeal.  

8.  OUR TEAM:  We are excited about our team.  We have put together an eclectic group of programmers, an attorney, a retired federal Judge and a successful entrepreneur.
Arthur Weborg: Arthur is a senior developer and former tech lead at HudsonAlpha, Institute of Biotechnology.  He now is a tech-project supervisor at the University of Alabama, managing twenty developers working on diverse projects.  He was involved in the software used in the first diagnosis and treatment derived from sequencing DNA. Arthur deeply loves programming, problem solving and imcrafting new solutions.  He has a wife and newborn daughter. Arthur has a Bachelors in Software Engineering from Milwaukee School of Engineering.  Arthur provides hyper-technical skills and extraordinary insight into plausibility and execution of dreams, ideas and plans.
Shinichi Uno: Shinichi is a Japanese-English bilingual software developer, contracted to work for NASA to support International Space Station (ISS) project. He has versatile skill sets with experience in embedded systems, big data, and full-stack development. He has a wife and 2 children. He has a Master of Science in Mathematics from University of Alabama in Huntsville.
Hadley Takashi:  Hadley is a paid intern, currently attending DePaul University.  She provides our link to our first target market, 18-25 year olds.  She provides insight into hot topics, produces graphics and assists in marketing and social media campaigns.  She is the most social media fluent of the TALKDUST team.
Dalton Moran:   Dalton is a senior Developer at the University of Alabama.  Educated in Bio-Medicall Engineering, he is a savant coder, with focus on neuro-programming, artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Brett Reetz: 
Brett Reetz is the founder.  He is a trial attorney, a novelist and entrepreneur.  His vision is the source of TALKDUST.  He and Arthur Weborg, together, began the TALKDUST project.  He has a wife and three children.  He has a degree in Economics and a Juris Doctorate from DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois.   Brett, as a fiction writer, is the primary visionary of the group.

Moody Tidwell:  Moody was a Judge in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. He was nominated by Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1983. Confirmed by the Senate on May 16, 1983, received commission on May 17, 1983. Assumed senior status on May 16, 1998.   The rest of his career is as follows:
Trial Attorney: U.S. Government Accountability Office, 1966-1969. 
Corporate Secretary, Keco Industries, 1979-1982.
U.S. Department of the Interior, Deputy Solicitor and Counselor to the Secretary, 1972-1983.
Law Director, Mine Safety and Health Administration, 1977-1980
Chair and President, Foundation for Peace in Divided Societies. 1985-Present.
Political Negotiator (Conflict Resolution) in South Africa, 1992-2008.
Director, F. W. de Klerk Foundation. 2005-Present.
Director, TALKDUST, Inc., 2016-Present.
U.S. Coast Guard, 1962-1966.
Ohio Wesleyan University, B.A., 1961 
American University, Washington College of Law, J.D. 
1965 George Washington University Law School, LL.M., 1974.
Two sons, Gregory and Jeremy.
(920) 743-7666
 Dan Schwarz:  Dan Schwarz is an entrepreneur.  He specializes in the processing, distribution and procurement of seafood.  His seafood operation is global with offices in the United States and Estonia.  He imports and exports seafood in three continents, North America, Europe and Asia.  He was honored with the entrepreneur of the year award and the award for being the most successful exporter in the State of Wisconsin.  Dan provides critical guidance for fundamental business issues.  
9.  FINANCIALS:  TALKDUST Inc. has no debt and is fully capitalized.  We have employed a conservative approach to growth and funding, with a primary objective to obtain positive cash flow within the first year of full operation:  We have protected through copyrights and patent applications all of our software to the extent possible.

10.  THE FUTURE:  TALKDUST has exciting plans to create a truly interactive real time site that will provide users the sense that they are no longer navigating through their days without companionship.  TALKDUST will provide the people of the world the ability to at all times access and participate in a discussion on whatever subject they desire at the moment.  TALKDUST will translate languages, search the web for information related to subject matter, allow private conversations, private sharing of information, the development of close relations (or not), and an ability for users to engage in discussion at any time about anything they desire (that is legal).   
Again, thank you for your time and consideration.  We are more than amenable to traveling to you for further in person discussions.
Again, thank you.
Brett Reetz

 President, TALKDUST, Inc.

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