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More demand than we can handle. Raising $1M to expand production. Wearable wristwatch computer. 16 exercises (not-classified) with Special Forces. 12 generations.

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Revolutionary Wristwatch based Wearable Computer System

Headline:  Brink of production - We've stayed stealthy during Covid about our product, but even still we now have more orders than we can handle – we need $1M to expand. We have an incredible team that has worked on Advanced Tech together for decades. Over 30 products went to market, many earned industry awards and acclaim.  Here are a few of our prior accomplishments (this is all absolutely true):  world’s 1st handheld  voice operated language translator in ’86 (named one of the 100 most significant achievements in Science and Technology in 1989);  1st smartwatch in ‘99 (14 years before the Apple Watch - we designed an ultra-portable wearable Windows based Mobile Computer so small it could be embedded in wearing apparel) and built it and some of the results are in the market.  Our Last project was very software focused -  speech reco software which resulted in 10M+ deployments and selection by some of the most advanced jets in the world (noise cancellation and extremely high accuracy was our specialty).  Once a design is done we partner with big factories on a confidential basis for production and then we turn to product expansion thru derivatives. (But we may want to look at our own factory automation on this one because one of our engineers is the lead for a major hi tech production automation company and we've made watches before in house with local suppliers who all signed Non-disclosure agreements).  The point is, we want to be the market share leader and whether that requires automation or entering into an OEM manufacturing deal, or some combination, we do what we need to do.   

Team, history, and prospect:   We are a  small Hardware and Software computer design and product commercialization company. Our last software product did over 10M deployments through a major Global manufacturer and distributor.  We have 17 - 25 engineers - truly accomplished Phds, PEs, and System Engineers - who work on stock options and on demand when we need them so we can keep our operating costs low during the development period.  We go after product solutions to problems that face mankind in general so that we have large Global Markets that would appeal to our manufacturing partners if we need to offload production. Our present product involved more than a dozen generations of prototypes which we put through 16 secure exercises with Special Forces.  You don't just invite yourself to these. It requires an invitation from command and a strategic potential for the product to benefit national defense - so many of our products had Department of Defense beginnings.  But you'd be surprised how many everyday products got their start that way. Apple, HP, IBM - most of the technology leaders today either started their product with the department of Defense or worked closely with DOD as they grew. The exercises we did gave us the design and usability feedback we needed to perfect the design before we committed to production where cost substantially increase. This is our CEO/founders 4th startup - he is a proven creative engineer and manager with patents and experience running manufacturing companies and focuses on getting the product built, tested, into the market, and eventually profitable. In 40 years he has on done only 3 companies because the products got traction and grew until they were ultimately acquired. All 3 of the companies he formed to commercialize his prior projects got public. This present product and project has already achieved a $1M in revenues to date and $1M in funding from major industry leaders who were very saavy advisors.  Our planned Use of funds is to finalize the design of the first production model, launch pilot production of upwards of 100 systems, and then get this product into the hands of early adopter companies. We need funding because we have gotten this far on friends and family funds and research contracts with the highest technology areas of the military, and we need to move toward non-defense markets where to greatest production volume is.  We reached a point recently where we froze the specs because some very influential prospective customers said they wanted the system. Now we need to design the present model for production and fund a major expansion of part inventories to make our first batch of evaluation samples.  If we can avoid Venture Capital that would be great, but it may very well be in the best interests of our present and future shareholders if we do bring on the investment it takes to sustain rapid growth.   

Product:  A wearable computer system that provides handsfree extended sight. It performs two significant abilities (1) to be able to see what other people see just by talking to them. Each person has to be wearing the system, and (2) to be able to capture and store for later retrieval the full sight and sound interaction, again, just by talking.  Smartphones can't do what our system does and never will because they are handheld - our system is handsfree and it virtually invisible - it doesn't look like you are wearing something like Google Glass. (We vowed not to create contraptions you wear that would draw attention to yourself). The system releases your hands and eyes to do other things. This is of paramount importance because you want to be able to talk to people about what you are doing, and show them, and not have to take out a cellphone and hold it and look through a view finder to run something like Facetime.  While we all love our smartphones, but we all also realize that using them is a real distraction that consumes your hands and often your eyes - so either you stop what you are doing or you compromise safety and attention by "one-handing" a call.  Their Speakerphones offer some relief - but that doesn't eliminate the need to hold them.  By being handsfree you can work or play and connect, share, and see without taking your hands off of your work, or play, or travel. Multi-tasking is much easier.  Applications are endless. This is a big step forward in communications and there will be applications built for entertainment, medicine, construction, etc. etc.  The system creates capabilities a smartphone cannot, and never will achieve. We've got a whole product line of derivative products we want to launch after we get the main model launched. We see enormous potential software applications. We've developed application development tools for developers before - at one point creating over 10M developers and giving them the tools to develop offshoots. Our new tools will be even easier to use and adopt.   

Status: Brink of production - we built and tested two systems extensively as described above - got super feedback and acclaim - have now reduced the size  of the system to be basically invisible (its in things you wear like a watch). We've built watches before - on our own - or through OEM deals with Global manufacturers that are household names. At this point we just need to build a sample inventory so we can provide evaluation units to prospective customers.  We've collected broad interest from DOD, commercial, and civilian organizations - it's time to get off the drawing boards, break loose from this COVID pandemic and make some. Some of our Advisors have said this product will save lives and that would be a wonderful thing to do.  

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