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A patented and innovative portable phone stand that everyone needs and has garnered the attention of As Seen On TV, Mr. Checkout, and Japanese customers.

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uGoGrip is a patented, revolutionary portable phone stand  that everyone needs. uGoGrip has recently been successfully exported to Japan. uGoGrip has also been noticed and tested by an As Seen On TV team and Mr. Checkout, a large US  agent for retailers. 

uGoGrip has been granted or approved invention patents in the US, EU, Russia, South Africa, and is patent pending in many other countries.

uGoGrip also has already been granted design patents from EU, China, India, Japan, Canada. 

uGoGrip is invented by Jeff Yuan, who has an engineering Ph.D degree from Cornell University.

uGoGrip's competitor, Popsockets sold 40,000 units in 2014, and sold 65million units in 2018 with 90million net profit. Since uGoGrip is more useful than Popsockets, it is expected to do better. Furthermore,  unlike uGoGrip, Popsockets was only patented in the US. 

uGoGrip is market proven and is ready to enter it's next stage.

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