The Art of Fine Dining: In the Comfort of Your Home

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Bringing the elegance of fine dining to the comfort of your home. The newest version of At Home Dining 

In New Braunfels, Tx there is such a lacking of fine dining establishments. All of the Texas Hill Country for that matter. Not any longer! I'm a fine dining enthusiast who has been training under some of the best chefs in the world the last 6 years. Raising through the ranks of James Beard Award winning restaurants and cooking for former presidents at the River Oaks Country Club in Dallas for over 3 years. My skill set is essential for the fasting growing communities in the nation but I am lacking the funding to get my business is growing. I have been featured in local magazines and have a large and supportive social media following. With my marketing skills and personal relationships I have the experience to make millions in the food and beverage industry in the Texas Hill Country. I hope someone can belive in the art of fine dining and realize the money there is to be made in this business.  I have essential equipment, marketing, licensing, and insurance fees that I need help with the most. I have an LLC and business lawyer. Please if you find this of importance, reach out and let's do some business. The oil is hot, and the fish is ready to fry. 

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