Story Mountain Entertainment LLC

Thriller, Horror franchise investment opportunity with track record writer/director and producer, based in Los Angeles.

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Story Mountain Entertainment

Elevating creative content through collaboration.

Story Mountain Entertainment, LLC is based in Denver, Colorado. Formed in June 2021, to  operationalize a 4-year commitment to an award winning feature film, currently in need of $250,000 in private investment to meet distributor requirments. We currently have "shopping agreements" with five independent filmmakers  located in Los Angeles, Denver and Atlanta.

Our mission is to accelerate  independent IP for theatrical and streaming distribution. We have curated a diverse slate of IP (feature films, episodic series for streaming and a novel with film adaptation potential). These projects represent various stages of development and production. We specialize in budgets of up to $3 MM with production completion scheduled in 2022-23.  Our business plan focuses on prioritizing our two flagship feature films and using a portion of our investment return and residual income to fund future projects.

We are currently seeking private equity investors for a slate of independent films and episodic television content, with access to nonprofit fiscal sponsorships for tax deductible donations/investments. We utilize geographic incentive programs to expedite production and enhance return. 

Our current flagship investment opportunity is $750K to close a $3 MM budget for a thriller/horror/suspence franchise. This project has a producer and writer/director with industry credits (over 14 films, all achieving distribution and profit to investors) to substantiate our confidence in the commercial viability of this film.  With production in the Canary Islands scheduled to begin in February, 2022,  we are limiting this offering to two investors, committed by January 1, 2022, with investment fully funded by January 30, 2022. 

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