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We are raising 500k to update our website - complete building our app - operating capital to cover our first 2 quarters.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn is a new and truly unique motorsport sponsorship program.  Our program is free and is open to racers in all genres of motorsports.  When a racer signs up for our sponsorship they must have at least 10 fans and they must provide valid e-mail addresses for them.  Starving Racers' income is primarily advertising revenue of which 45% is for our racers when they achieve pre-agreed goals.  Starving Racers has a website and a mobile app, and we use all social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TicToc, and YouTube).  Additionally,  Starving Racers has its line of merchandise and a YouTube program that features one of our racers weekly. Racing is an industry with incredibly loyal participants and fans.  Racers and their fans proudly wear the logos, emblems, and symbols of their sponsors and advertisers.  Starving Racers emphasizes to our racers and fans the importance of using our advertiser's products and services.  By doing so our racers receive better pricing on parts and services and our advertisers can keep account of their investment in Starving Racers.   We opened in 2008 and within 90 days had signed up over 1,500 racers from around the world, and had over 1,150,000 page views. Unfortunately, due to family issues, we had to close our site down.  All of our problems have been resolved and we are open for business.  We are pre-revenue and will provide our business plan upon request. Motorsport racing is collectively the most prominent sport in the world with an estimate of over 1,000, 000,000 fans.  We are offering a 20% interest for $500,000.00.

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