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Providing top quality American Craft Whiskeys and America Craft Beers. GRAND opportunity

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We appreciate your time and firmly believe when we launch our  first of five exquisite American Craft Whiskeys and 8 American Craft Beers - we are poised and positioned ready for our global  quest out the gate. First things first, of course. 

We are "building the brand" one product at a time. We start with our first release of our Premium Rye Whiskey in two weeks. Using only the very best ingredients, we've crafted something so special.  We believe our fine products are  what legends are made from. 

A grain bill consisting of 95% Rye and 5% Barley and is from a single cask 3+ years old. The beautifully crafted spicy notes blends so well with the sweet.  The 100 proof rounds this out to make it a classic.

If only we had an outlet to establish ourselves in retail and making brand awareness easier. Oh, and making amazing profits margins...  Wait - here's some traction and an intro to our solid team - all with track records to success at a start-up level.  All info worth taking note of:

-Our Sales Lead that saw great potential in our Founder/CEO's global vision. He named the TOP shelf St. James Brewery & Distillery products, the easily recognizable brand, trademarked tag-line of "Simply Unrivaled" and looking downfield already with great potential. 

***Our Sales Lead is the Vice President of West Coast Sales for Jack Daniel's.  A compelling story to tell. America's number one whiskey seller and distributor. He's THE largest whiskey salesman on the entire West Coast with over 30-years experience in distribution. He's known as "The King of Whiskey". Seriously.  We've been given priority treatment. Most spirits/beer companies strive their entire existence for this opportunity. Also add him to the "business advisor list".

-Stellar Distribution. When they made him Vice President of West Coast Sales they bought the distribution facility called Youngs Market. The largest distribution company in N. CA est. in the 1880's.

-Traction? We locked 2 Seed Round Investors two weeks ago. They approached us. We loved they saw what we saw straight away. We meet with two more most likely Seed Round St. James Brewery & Distillery fellow team members this second week of June. 

We hope this will land us Round One (still "Building the Brand" going through our whiskey varieties) investors which we seek $1 million for. We'd like to offer incentives to on-board and get inventory and products continuously gaining ground and exponentially staying ahead of the curve. With these amazing steps... 

We'd seek Round Two Investors with a $5 million dollar goal. Starting the truly unique/bold American Craft Beer varieties AND hopefully land our home in heavily researched Hayward, CA (aka "Silicon Valley North" - due to it being the landing spot for many international Bio/Big Pharma/Tech/Manu corporations with the likes of AstraZeneca, Merck, Divisions of NASA, PepsiCo's 3rd largest bottling/Distribution plant in N. America, etc. all with 500+ employees. When we land a home it was be our production facility but also a taproom).

Hopefully we get in and get to work with Round Three investors at $10 Million and set up our brewery/distillery/taproom licensing, build out, set-up of more of a café -serving America's favorite pub style food researched to be easier to run/maintain than a  restaurant. All with strong researched smart/ easy/great price points. Designed by a long-time business associate that designed the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas floor plan and menu options. We're having initial talks to see what long-term plans she'd want to partake in. Its pointing easily towards her going the team. We'd hope. 

Founder/CEO James Brogan is the one doing many 18+ hours  a day, 7 days a week assembling his dream of 30+ years (non - commercially) brewing/distilling. Having launched the very first laser toner remanufacturing business and the entire West Coast. He also was self-taught to repair laser printers to add to the successful and ever growing business. He acted as the Operations Manager overseeing daily activities and expanding the business for several years .

Mr. Brogan sold the business to pursue a childhood dream of being a successful guitarist/chief songwriter of his band Samiam. He personally got the band inked to a two-year recording contract with Atlantic Record/EMI Publishing that had the band extensively touring the world (35 countries - some up-to 15 times each) achieving some commercial success selling around 500,000 units, appearing onThe Jon Stewart Show with original super model Cindy Crawford, film sound tracks, touring with friends/Grammy Award Winning/multi-platinum acts with the likes of Green Day (two N. American Tours - hockey arena sized venues to coliseum sized/outdoor festivals topping over 150,000 in attendance and also a Japanese tour), Goo Goo Dolls, Foo Fighters, Creed, etc. His drummer writes/performs with Shakira. 

He's using his vast network of top musicians, actors, actresses, producers, TV directors, music execs for a private grand opening like no other with journalist's in the spirits/beer world, but also in the aforementioned communities and lean on help for brand awareness. James wrote a self-published book about his many stories on the road titled "Tour Stories and other 3rd Grade Tales, and two screen plays, and appeared on over 15 recordings during his life.

James heard about newly crowned billionaire Thomas Gonzales (launched Commerce One during the Dot Com era that broke many records as they went public) wanting to start his side business and a long time dream. James felt he could fast track his entertainment company. Mr. Gonzales flew him on his private jet and had James stay on the entire top floor of the Bellagio Hotel In Las Vegas. James listens and fully  got the model he was seeking and after Fridays meeting Mr. Gonzales hired James to be GM/Operations Manager and transferred funds to start the new venire to the tune of $7million dollars. James immediately started the executive search for a president and landed Mr. Nick Terzo the VO of A&R for Columbia Records (signed multiplatinum recording artist Alice in Chains. The both worked to acquired Sony/Red Distribution, bought in on ip's, Motion Picture sound tracks, recordings, etc.
James long-term plan is to also set forth his exit plan for St. James Brewery & Distillery when appropriate. Our Sales Lead "built his brand" of a tequila company and sold it right before going to Jack Daniel's after only TWO YEARS and made tens of millions. We want everyone that step-up and goes to bat for us to be rewarded as such

-CFO/COO Steven Machado has quite a solid story to tell. The other company that launched and went public (and broke many records going public)  the same year as Commerce One? It was Exodus Communications. Founder/CEO Mr. Machado brainchild. Steven stepped aside and let his partner run it and turn it into eventually a multi-billion dollar corporation. Steven went on to being a CFO with Countsy. An accounting/business advisory for start-ups. Having business clients fiscally sound, training staff on proper accounting and lending his vast knowledge on law/business advisory. Steven has had his own company raising capitol for large Silicon Valley corporation's and still does. We were lucky enough to have Steven see our vision - was so intrigued he was in. A great partner helping steer the ship. He still works with his ex partner at Exodus whos a billionaire investor in Mumbai and Steven has laid the ground work after some solid investors join our team to actually approach that have been briefed

-Consultant/Business advisor Kary Shumway was the man responsible for defining financial taproom metrics. 30 years as a CFO at the largest distributor on the east coast/now for a very large brewery outside of Boston means we have both coasts locked. And import/export. Kary and drawn the "road map to success" for many businesses such as ours. He teaches financial courses on managing successful breweries/Taprooms (Mr. Brogan completed his course knowing you have to be on your game and continuously learn), has authored many publications, does podcasts, speaking engagement's, etc. He's help us set up our distribution locally/regionally (knowing selling kegs of craft beer  to distributors ranging from $150-$400 and the importance of getting people in while we sell food to all the corporations with 500+ employees to + selling that beer on our premises +$1200 a keg), the taproom, help us plot our course and skip costly mistakes getting us to Point A to Point B. A solid start for greatness for St. James Brewery & Distillery, we'd resoundingly would say "Hell Yes!" to.


-The past TEN YEARS American Craft Whiskey and American Craft Beer both have continually captured more and more sales - thus making the giants lose ground? You've seen many JD's/Diageo (owns Jamison, Jim Beam, etc.) acquisition's of their every growing smaller competitors? Strong sales growth at that
-Spirits and beer proved with out a doubt are Covid and recession proof? When Covid forced many in this industry to first close doors - on-line sales jumped almost 500%? With everyone trapped indoors and are set to launch (still being nimble/flexible with their business plan to do deliveries, curbside, out door seating, on-line, etc.)
-We've been approached by an Indian Company poised to be a top seller/Ready to drop product in 6 weeks to explore being their American Whiskey producers. Hence the thoughts of getting operations ramped accordingly. Did you know India consumes 60% of the worlds whiskey? Discussions on import/export have begun. Jack Daniel's is in India and the company has the political pull to get us in where many American companies cannot. The Founders mother and father were both members of parliament. Things work differently there and this could set the stage for two giant continents to conquer able to do so with a foot in the door with everything permitting
-We JUST reached-out to Japanese investors/importers
-When Covid first hit, Founder/CEO James Brogan had exploratory talks with e president of the largest winery in Palermo, Sicily about setting up a satellite facility that would act as our European/world connection. Most of Europe hasn't seen the full exciting Craft boom due to high tariffs and shipping. Opening a site there would help gain a giant foot hold and making costs for locals come way down and open a taproom in downtown Palermo that has recently shined clearing out crime, We could also plug right into their vast distribution.
-Whiskey is being called the "New Cryptocurrency". Sure is. People are snatching 10 year old whiskeys up in RECORD numbers
-We're filming our first digital media commercial based around our clever tag-line (Including an authentic Irish Voiceover and one of our main marketing team members from "The St. James Girls" to launch in two weeks. With our target market of MAINLY, however not all base of 21-30 year old males - they will be handling promotions and....Working with our new affiliation
-Digital Marketing team and new tag-team with a new, up-coming exciting ad agency in LA. Print, Digital media, Billboards, million + social influencers, etc. Its exciting times. Lets Go! 

We'd be happy to discuss many more alternative revenue streams, show our pitch deck/business plan, financials,  have a Zoom video conference, etc. We'd love for you to come on board by yourself/as a group as an Angel or VC.  We have limited incentive room and first come to jump on this rocket sooner than later. Fell free to reach out and at least explore. [email protected] 

Thank you for your time!

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