Safety Outlet Cover a new and powerful way to prevent toddler's from shock from the electric outlet in our homes by locking them out.

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The idea started few year ago. I was able to witness a toddler who are very close to get electrified. It all started with the goal of protecting young ones to be part of these accidents with open electric outlets. Upon building it, customization also takes place to create it more appealing to the facility and less attractive to the toddlers. These covers can also be changed in colors as to the facilities' color scheme. That, way it can camouflage and look more modernized.

I need an investor to help me get this idea out in the market. The target market would be daycares, churches and residential homes.

Here's a short presentation of the product:


Please go to this link to view 

Send me a message if you wish to know more about the project. I would love to discuss more about it.

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