Value Add Self Storage Investments

Value-Add Self Storage / Boat & RV is the best asset class in recessionary times to invest in real estate. When SFR markets shrinks, people need storage. Call and find out why.

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Square Storage buys Value-Add self-storage and repositions the asset to achieve higher revenue by buying Mom and Pop run shops that don’t have an interest in owning any more. 
 The little secret in self-storage is Mom and Pop's own 74% of all self-storage.  

We also are looking to build Boat and RV parking, The little secret there is for every boat and RV in the country, there are only 1 space available per 6 RV's registered in the US.  
 Self-Storage has the lowest foreclosure rate of all commercial real estate.
 We are posed in recessionary and high inflation times because our leases are month to month, 
 Expenses are predictable because we don’t have toilets or sinks, no rent control, no tenant improvements, no leasing commissions .
 Annual industry revenue is $40 billion+ and 49,000+ facilities across the US.
 IRR returns targeted at 14% to 23%+ per annum.
 Conservative capital structure with targeted leverage 60% to 75%
 Our Self Storage customers come from a 3 to 5 mile radius-no one drives more than 19 minutes to their storage. 
 Building Boat and RV storage is hot now, very little competition, no REITs are in this segment.

Now is the best time to invest in Value-Add Self-Storage and Boat/RV Storage.

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