Making the Switch to Electric Trucks!

Raising $1M to purchase 5 Electric Semi Tractors and offer them for R&D study as we use them for business

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Hello and thank you for taking the time to review our funding needs. I have 20 years industry experience, and have owned three companies in that time culminating in Spot On TMS LLC, which has been in business for 5 years. Our customer base is strong and diversified over multiple sectors of the transportation industry. Here are the percentages of revenue:

Yard Management: 27% - two anchor customers 13% and 14% each.
Trucking: 68% - Consists of 22 regular customers and countless one time customers.
Biggest Trucking Customer: 28%

We have been watching the innovation around the electric semi trucks, and we are a perfect candidate because our trucks get back each night and sit for 10 hours. We are very interested in being a part of the new revolution, support greener energy, and at the same time, save a ton of downtime and of course, money.

Money is the fuel savings, which can be up to $100k per year, per truck. But what we are even more excited about is the safety and the uptime. They are going to be wildly safer, and they eliminate 70% of the components that have trucks needing a lot more maintenance. 

Flexible but looking for:
Total: $1M
Term at least 84 months, asking for 120.
Offering 10% fixed interest for first two years and an annual.25% increase for the reminder
Asking for no payoff penalty (at least after 48 months)

5 Tesla Semi Tractors (should have a huge over market value for the first year or two as they come out)
Would consider using receivables (currently $370k) for a lower interest rate.

Capital Allocation Phase 1 - $50k
ASAP: Down Payments when ordering trucks

Phase 2:
Pay entire $50k balance before trucks are delivered (approx delivery time over one year)

Phase 3:
Take delivery of trucks and setup debt schedule

Phase 4:
Run trucks, allow unlimited studies of trucks, participate in the auto-pilot beta testing, etc. Something to get the investor and Spot On some publicity while saving money on our operation! 

Please allow us a moment to explain in better detail our business operation if necessary. 

Thank you for your time! 

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