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Disrupting the Multi-Billion $ Wellness Tech space, We Are 1st Health & Wellness Social Media Platform with deep therapeutic technologies to return users to mental health baselines

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I'm Johnathon Mink, Founder and CEO of Spinning Mandalas.
Spinning Mandalas is the first and only Health & Wellness, Brain Entrainment, Mediation and Mental Health focused Social Media platform.  We aim to disrupt all forementioned industries.  Primarily B2C, with B2B licensing aspects.

The mental health, meditation and social media markets are already in the multi-billion dollar valuation arena with a projected 30%+ CAGR for the next 10-20 years.  We have the answer to disrupt these sectors.  Imagine a place where users have the tools to return to mental health baselines, they learn to corral their problems and develop wholesome growth, interact with other users around the world on their personal growth journey, and a place to buy products that will help them achieve their goals.  The user can make great personal transitional growth for a minimal cost.  To begin loading our app with the masses, we charge only $3.99 and with the app store's currency translator built in, people of lesser economies can use this without worry.  (Hint: India and the like).  We like volume, and in my opinion volume is the only way to make actual effectual change in the world.

What Spinning Mandalas app is, take: Calm app (with more in-depth therapeutic tech) + Facebook (Social Network Focused in Health and Wellness) + Candy Crush (Interactive Therapeutic Assets) = Spinning Mandalas.

Spinning Mandalas is a wellness company with a patent pending MVP meditation & wellness app.  It is unique to the market competitors in every way. Mandalas represent many things, but mainly as Carl Jung described them as a vehicle for achieving wholeness.  Our application uses layered spinning mandalas (also a physical representation of sound), as well as binaural tones to create brain entrainment.  Using the frequencies found within binaural tones along with the spinning imagery, the user can achieve higher concentration, find a meditative state, fall asleep faster, etc.  Each one of these tones helps the brain sync with the frequencies and therefore the user can choose what "mode" (I.e., hyperfocus, meditation, anti-anxiety, depression free, etc.) they would like to achieve.

We've added more interactive tools to keep the user working on their current mental health state and overall health state.  As many people do not understand these items as a therapeutic tool yet, we've created an education area which we need to expand.  We're building a social platform so that users can help other users with their knowledge, sell their goods or services, and interact with others in the wellness community.  We are the first Social Network Platform Focused on Health & Wellness and we’re Worldwide.  We have an outsourced development team 50 strong in Quartus Technologies, and they are devoted to this project first and foremost.  V. 2.0 to be completed and launched in the next 60 days (End of Oct.-Early Nov).

Mandalas have been found throughout nearly every culture in history.  “In view of the fact that all mandalas shown here were new and uninfluenced products, we are driven to the conclusion that there must be a transconscious disposition in every individual which is able to produce the same or very similar symbols AT ALL TIMES and IN ALL PLACES. Since this disposition is usually not a conscious possession of the individual I have called it the collective unconscious.”
-Carl Jung, Mandala Symbolism, Page 100
In short the Mandala relates to all people, everywhere.  Jung describes in his work, that when the mind is troubled, mandalas will begin to appear.  This is the subconscious attempting to right the proverbial ship that is the self, ego, id, unconscious.  We provide the mandalas to let the user's unconscious get to work on sailing straight.
What we usually see as westerners is mandalas created by the Indian Religions, Hinduism & Buddhism.  As India's population is over 1B along with the highest number of downloads in the world 8.5B we’ve released the app in Hindi as well.  India is followed by the US with around 5B downloads.  With 6x revenue streams, attacking the 2 largest world app markets, Spinning Mandalas will become a worldwide name very soon.

Our direct competitors include Calm & Headspace who both have over 400 employees.  Spinning Mandalas can disrupt these with a team of 6.  Burn rate is minutes comparatively and will expect similar returns.

Terms: In brief, we need Seed Funding to complete our necessary team, expand our platform & tech, and market our product.  Currently seeking $1.5M.  Terms are Negotiable.  Pitch deck upon request.  We're currently a Colorado LLC but will convert to Delaware C-Corp immediately upon negotiation. 

We are located in the Emergent Campus in Florence, CO, an Entrepreneurial center with "Reimagine Rural" as a slogan and with names like Pax8, Barn Owl, Rimo3, and GuestNav as neighbors.   

Thank you for your time.


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