Spin Zone

Raising $600,000 to purchase a local cycling shop.

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 I am newly retired after 22 years of military service. I have great passion for cycling and getting people on bicycles,  before retiring I obtained many mechanical certifications in bicycle repair and fabricating.  I was afford an opportunity to become a service manager at the primmer cycling shop in my community.  After being employed at Spin Zone for a year I have seen how loyal the customers are and the reputation of the shop. Sadly all good things end; the owners after 15 years are looking to retire. So, bottom line up front I am looking for a total of $600,000 for the purchase of the bike shop. The breakdown of the dollar amount is as follows; $350.000 for the building (shop already owns building) $150,000 for standing store  inventory, $100,000 for tools and equipment ( already on site) $50,000 to be invested to carry the store though winter months. 
    Terms of the loan are negotiable; however I am truly looking for the following.
$600,000 loan amount
.05% interest 
$30,000 in interest 
630,000 total amount payable over a 15 year period at a monthly rate of $3500  

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