Spencer Sports Complex

Raising 100M to build Sport Complex for youth

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        My name is Gamel C. Spencer Sr. I am a graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore County and I have owned and operated a martial arts training and mentoring program in Maryland for over 20 years. During this time along with my team we have helped develop local business, private schools, churches, retail stores stores, athletic clubs and stabilize struggling businesses.  
       We are looking for investors to help with funding so we can purchase land ,build and purchase equipment for Spencer Sports Complex in the Howard County Maryland area. Spencer Sports Complex will be a going green state of the art indoor professional dual multipurpose center which will have basketball courts, track and field, football, soccer, lacrosse, martial arts and fitness, daycare, after school and mentoring programs. Spencer Sports Complex will also have a business center with  indoor mall shopping outlets, food courts, dining restaurants, emergency medical and security facilities , and banquet and concert halls. Spencer Sports Complex  will have easy access to parking  with police substations for security. Spencer Sports Complex will will provide employment for youths and generate revenue for our community while being a  place for our youth and adults to go to which will be a healthy safe, fun and community driven environment.
           Our teams background and connections will allow Spencer Sports Complex constant , reliable access and training thru sports professionals, entertainment professionals, political influences, local government backing and community support. Spencer ports Complex will advertise and generate support and funds thru television, radio, newspapers, word of mouth, social media outlets, local organizations, metaverse, government funded programs and grants, fundraisers and sponsorships as well as generated funding thru sales and contracts from local, national nd international avenues generated from the complex. 
        Our competition will primarily be local high schools, athletic clubs, recreation centers, major sopping malls and seasonal outdoor sporting events. Spencer Sports Complex will be the only community facility in Maryland that will house all of my competitions strengths in one location. The facility will provide an old community recreation center quality feel for youths and young adults while providing seniors with a safe comfortable place to attend and enjoy.
       The Howard County location is the perfect place to build and establish Spencer Sports Complex because of its diverse community, strong family support, excellent government leadership and its easy access to serve our extended communities and neighboring states.
        We look forward to any help from investors that we can get to make Spencer Sports Complex come to reality.

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