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Who Is Spartan GG’S

SPARTAN GG’S is a developer and publisher of interactive entertainment content, licenses, and a range of software products and services. The company develops and distributes content and services across various platforms, including mobile devices, personal PC, and game consoles. 

The primary objective of SPARTAN GG’S is to become a provider of high-quality technological products, games that entertain and inspire players of all ages and promote a competitive environment. 

But what does it mean to be a Spartan? It's a question that I usually ask my team. 

Being a Spartan is not a name you have for joining our company. It is something they earn. Every member of this team gives their best on every task. Spartans wonder how they can improve the game, how they can make it better for our players. How far can they go? For a Spartan, there is only one way, being the best.

Currently, Spartan is made up of 20 members in the area of Animation, illustration, development, Social Media, and beta testers.

What Is Rifters

Rifters is a multiplayer card game where 2 to 4 players compete to become the first to cast seven minions and stand victorious.

Today the social media is the most important trend. And this is why Rifters approaches trading card games in a completely different way.

With Rifters, we have focused on allowing our players to create a community where they can share tactics, exchange cards, or even sell them through our game's resources worldwide.

Rifters have three points that make us different:

1- The possibility of selling the cards in Fiat currency, game currency, or Cryptocurrencies.

2- Players can convert digital cards into physical cards.

3- Some Rifters items will be so exclusive and rare that they will have NFT contracts certifying their rarity.

Our Team

  • Ana Naranjo Art Director & Character Designer: Is a talented professional Illustrator with eight years of experience. Throughout her career, she has created art for board games, children's books, animated shorts, video games, and applications for clients worldwide. She is one of the founding members of Spartan GG'S
  • Manuel Garcia Lead Unity Developer: is an outstanding developer with more than ten years of experience in video game development. He has worked on different commercial titles for mobiles and PCs in companies around the world throughout his career. Among his expertise is the use of advanced technology such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and Hololens and google glass. He represented his country as a video game developer at the “Ordos International Cultural and Creative Conference” in 2017 in China. He is a founding member of the Spartan GG'S development team.
  • Juan Martinez 2d / 3d  Animator: Juan Pablo Martinez is a skilled Animator who graduated from Medellín University, he specialized in 3D Animation with Wade Ryer Animator from Dreamworks. He has around 3 years of experience in Video Games Animation and Musical Videos. He has worked in games with different companies as Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, X4 Foundations, and others. He loves what he does and has fun every day bringing fictional characters in stories to life.
  • Andres Pineda Illustrator: Andrés Pineda is an exceptional concept artist with more than 5 years of experience related to illustration and editing of music videos and video games. He has worked in different IPS around the world with companies such as Harry Potter, X4 Foundations, and Puppet Kings.
  • Alex Marin Composer: Alex Marín Music Composer/SFX Designer is a talented professional musician with 17 years of experience in many genres,  he got his College Degree from the "Universidad de Carabobo" where he specialized in Advanced Musical Language, Traditional and Functional Harmony, Counterpoint and Contrabass Player in "Conservatorio de Música de Carabobo" - Venezuela. He has worked as a musical composer, Teacher, Freelancer Musical Transcriptor, and Orchestral Conductor for the last 6 years, currently he is working as a Composer /SFX Designer at Spartans GG'S.
  • Loly Gomez: VP / Development Director: Knock Knock D&T CTO and software developer with sixteen years of experience. She worked as a university teacher for ten years at the Universidad de Oriente, holding various management positions. She has created different types of software for organizations and companies worldwide. 
  • Victor Hernandez CEO / Game Director: Specialist in team-building and project management. With more than fifteen years of experience, he has been part of prominent transnational companies. CEO and Co-Founder of Knock Knock D&T.
The Game

When players start the game for the first time, they will receive a basic deck for each race. This deck will be the same for all players. From that moment, players will be able to collect cards through the chests they obtain by playing or buying card packs in the store. 

Cards have two critical components: rarity and level. 

The rarity defines how difficult it is to obtain a card in the game. The rarity ranges from common to legendary. Some legendary cards will have finite copies inside Rifters, creating a true sense of exclusivity when obtaining them. Players who purchase card packs from the store will have better chances of getting rare cards. 

The level of the card will tell players how many copies of that card they can use in their deck. The higher the level of the card, the greater number of copies they can use in their deck. The level is obtained by using the cards in the game. The more you use the card, the more experience you will get. The card at the maximum level can be used without limitation in decks of other races.

Current development status

40% complete. Alpha stage

Development Roadmap 2020 -2021

Rifters 1.0
  • 400 cards.
  • 4 Races.
  • Auction house & Trade house.
  • Tournament system.
  • Store.
  • Clans and communities. 
  • Release for iOS, Android, and PC.
  • Release planned for Summer 2023.
After 1.0
  • 6 months after release, we will get our first big tournament.
  • Every 6 months, we will release new cards for each race.
  • Monthly our team will release skins, frames, emoticons, and other cosmetic items.
  • We have plans for special events like Summer, Christmas, Halloween, and others. 
  • Each new version we will add a new race with 100 new cards.
What Make Us Different
  • Auction House & Trade House: Players can trade or sell their cards to people all over the world. Cards can be sold in in-game currency, real currency, or cryptocurrency. Our players own their cards because you don't own them if you can't sell them.
  • Collectible Physical Cards: Players can convert digital cards into physical cards. When a player reaches the maximum level of a card, they can buy a copy of that card in the game store.
  • NFT (Non-fungible token): Some of our legendary cards will use NFT technology, certifying the number of copies of that card. Some cards will have a maximum number of copies in the entire game. In this way, the player will feel more rewarded for the effort made to obtain it, and over time the value of the card in the market will increase. 
  • New Mechanics: The way Rifters is played is different from what TCG and CCG usually use. In order to attract casual players, we have removed some items that could cause confusion such as mana and resource for using the cards. This without sacrificing one of the most important elements of card games the ability to create strategies.
  • More Ways to play: Rifters will allow up to 4 players to play at the same time in the modality of free for all or in a team of two. Additionally, players can choose game modes that work with different rules.
Financial Model

The Rifters Financial model is divided into five parts: Cosmetic Items, Gold, Subscription, Auction House, and Card Packs.

  • Cosmetic items: Players will acquire cosmetic items such as skins for the heroes and cards, emoticons, avatars, and frames for their heroes.
  • Gold: Gold coins are a vital part of the Rifters economy. These can be purchased in the store. Also, the players will obtain the gold coins in the chests that they receive at the end of each game.
  • Subscription: Players may purchase a subscription to receive monthly card packs, emoticons, and discounts in the store. Additionally, players will have advanced access to special events and beta testing of new cards.
  • Auction house / Trade House Fee: Each transaction within the auction house and the trade house will have a fee that the player must pay. This fee is applied as a percentage to the transaction. This percentage will be applied regardless of whether the player uses the in-game currency, fiat currency, or cryptocurrency.
  • Card Packs: Another way that players can acquire cards is by purchasing packages in the store. These packages contain a number of random cards. The packages can be of different types. The type of the card packages will define the race of the cards that the player gets and the possibility of obtaining cards of different rarities.
Financial Assumptions

  • By 2026 only 20% of Rifters players will use the subscription.
  • 50% of active Rifters players make purchases in the store and will expect to spend a monthly average of $ 10.
  • 60% of active Rifters players will make 3 transactions per month at the auction house. The average transaction will have a fee of $1.
  • Steam, App Store and Google play charge a 30% fee for sales transactions.

We invite you to check our full pitch deck here

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