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10 million to open a state of the art hospital that specializes in treating mental health.

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Would like to raise 10 million to build a new state of the art Mental Health Hospital in Los Angeles Ca. At this time there is a mental health crisis with no available mental health beds for the mentally ill who are in need of these services in our county. Statistics show that there are 22.7 inpatient beds for every 100,000 Los Angeles citizen who are in need of mental health services. There are only 20 adolescent beds in Los Angeles county with about 20 children's beds outside of LA county.  Unfortunately these patients then sit in our ER's with no actual treatment and get discharged back into the community, only to go to the next ER in search of help. With the COVID crisis this takes beds away from patients who really need the bed for days while the hospital searches for an inpatient bed. My team wants to open a state of the art hospital that will have two 23 hour crisis stabilization units, 1 for children and adolescents, and 1 for adults and geriatric patients.  Once the ER medically clears them, they will transfer directly to us and our 24 hour nursing staff and psychiatrist will then assess their psychiatric needs and discharge with follow up to our outpatient services, or admit to our inpatient units for further stabilization.  We would like to have a hospital that specializes in all needs.  Our goal is to have the two crisis stabilization units, so we do not mix children with adults. If we are successful the children's crisis stabilization unit will be the first ever in LA county.  To have 24-48 acute adult psychiatric inpatient beds, 12-24 Geriatric inpatient beds, 12-24  adolescent beds, 6-12 children's inpatient beds, 24 sub acute beds for conserved patients who are waiting for the counties long term IMD beds. 6 inpatient postpartum beds for expecting moms or moms who recently delivered and are not bonding with there baby, or suffering from depression.  As well as 24 residential rooms where patients can stay while attending our outpatient programs if they do not have a home to discharge to.  With each of these inpatient units, there will be a partial outpatient step down program, as well as a drop in program where we will have licensed therapists available for 1:1 therapy, and groups on how to fill out a job application, how to cook, open a bank account and be productive citizens with a mental health disease. As well as a van so we can provide our services to the community at schools and homeless shelters. Our goal is to try to decrease the stigma around mental health and not allow the disease to define who the clients are as individuals.  Our customers will be those who suffer with a mental illness and our homeless population.  We will need need to purchase special furniture for the patients to decrease ligature risks, as well as a van. We will need an electronic medical record system, as well as staff to run the hospital.  Those staff will consist of RN's, CNA's, psychiatrists, Licensed social workers, pharmacist and other support staff. Once the hospital is finished it will need to be surveyed by the Department of Mental Health to get LPS designated (which means we can assess the patients for up to 3 days against the patients will).  We will also need to be surveyed by the public health department and The Joint Commission.  The credentials necessary for the hospital will be RN's bachelors or higher, Managers and Directors Bachelors ok, Masters preferred. Psychiatrists and medical doctors, as well as Nurse Practitioner's.  

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