SolaRoof International

Raising 300K to build initial concept, test and disseminate.

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SolaRoof International uses the patented Sola Roof technology to build carbon neutral structures that facilitate efficient, cost effective indoor farming, we call this an AgriPOD. By doing this we solve a number of issues that stand to revolutionize the vertical growing industry, chief among them; energy cost.  

60% of energy costs in the indoor farming sector exist in lighting alone,  once labor is added margins slim to nothing. This metric has prevented the industry from gaining by limiting scale and production factors. Revenues have yet to break the threshold of highly populous areas like cities, where much of the customer base subsist. 

SolaRoof International is a Conventional Corporation that has a structure similar to a franchise. We issue licensing rights for the opportunity to mobilize SolaRoof projects. SolaRoof International Our  "CoMissioners," to signify collaboration on our mission to enhance food production.  Because of this, SolaRoof has amassed a network of lifetime farmers (both indoor and outdoor), engineers, architects and many more. SolaRoof International has two owners, while our CoMissioners operate as independent business owners.

It is now time to prove our technology with a Proof of Concept build, for the fate of the agriculture depends on it. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Omari Byfield
Chief Executive Officer
SolaRoof International inc.

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