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Raising $500,000 to build our mixing facility, operational expenses, build inventory stock pile.

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SoilChem, LLC’s SoilPak-250 was developed by SoilChem in Oklahoma, USA. Joe Sherman saw the endless possibilities of the biodegradable soil stabilizer on roads, tracks, lots, pads, railroads, and bought out his partners.

Joe Sherman, owner, has over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas fields; he started at age 19 as a roughneck, and finished his oil and gas tenure as a Completion Consultant for Continental Energy in N. Dakota.  

Joe knows all about dirt; he started studying soil as a youngster on his parents’ family farm in Oklahoma. With farming there are always soil issues, tired soil, overworked soil, perfect soil, etc.  and thus began his lifelong research of different soils, what makes a good soil, a bad soil, and what compacts well of course. Joe also learned about horses and machines and all of the things that one has to learn to work a farm.  It was at this time that his life-long love of horses and team roping – Joe and Cathy still have horses, and Joe still team ropes.

Later as he was helping set up drilling rigs, or supervising them, he continued to study the dirt, to the point that he can tell if a particular soil sample has clay in it or not; it only makes sense that he and his partners created a green, biodegradable, soap & water cleanup, soil stabilizer for the temporary roads needed at well sites, stabilized soil under the concrete pad of the rigs.  

Joe knew that what they had created needed to be presented to the world, a green, biodegradable, soil stabilizer that stabilizes soil to a rock-hard surface.  Not only is SoilChem’s SoilPak-250 a superior product, it is also 50%-70% less expensive than traditional materials. 

In June, 2019, Joe Sherman and his wife, Cathy Sherman, a former teacher and residential loan officer, bought out Joe’s partners and continued testing and marketing our SoilPak-250.  Joe and Cathy hired a retired engineer, Dale Boudreaux out of Louisiana, and In July, Joe and Cathy hired Tamara Milner, Cathy’s sister, who has a background in operations, compliance,  marketing and education.  In December, 2019, Cathy and Joe hired Sam Birdwell, Cathy’s son, to start as a salesman.  

We are looking for investors to help us market and deliver this to the entire world; Tamara is working on the international side and has several prospects in China, France, Sweden, Peru, and Mexico. 

We would like to build our own mixing facility instead of ordering it from a local mixing company, build up stock so that when a customer is ready to buy, we have the chemical to sell; about 2 weeks are needed to ‘build’ a 265-gallon tote.

In June, 2019, we had jobs coming in due to Joe’s contacts in the oil and gas field. Then private companies hired us to stabilize their soil. We are currently in testing with ODOT, Louisiana Fish & Game, and Arkansas ODOT.  We have over $800,000.00 in firm commitments from commercial companies, and municipalities – all jobs will commence in March or April depending on weather.  

With COVID we have had to push several 2020 jobs to 2021.

With SoilChem’s SoilPak-250 we are able to save municipalities and private firms a 50-70% savings over traditional material. Our product, SoilPak-250, is an amazing, biodegradable soil stabilizer – it’s a green product and good for the Earth.  And, that 50-70%  savings is passed on to the customer so that the counties, cities and states have more money to work with when they use our product, SoilPak-250.



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