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Raising $200K to complete the launch process and run a business-coaching co. using a unique Market Dominating Position to grow annual revenue of $24,000,000+ within 24-48 months.

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My WHY -
Marriages often break up from a lack of money over a lack of love, x100.  Business failures often lead to destruction, addiction, depression, anxiety, suicides and unfortunately far more.  As a [team of] good business coach[es], my [our]Mission is to help save marriages, families and kids from self-destruction by helping save their businesses from failure. In essence,  I [we] indirectly help save lives!  A true life of purpose!

1. About Me:  My name is Adam Ruplinger. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family.  Lived for 5 years in Bogota, Colombia, followed by Southern California.  In So Cal, I was privileged to work with my father to start 2 different businesses (sold one of them) and helped run a 3rd back in the 80's and 90's.  After serving a couple years in the U.S. Army,  I did a few years of schooling at Utah Valley State College and the University of Utah, in Behavioral Science, Interpersonal Communication and Family & Consumer Studies.  I was then invited to enter the business coaching industry in '98 with applied emphasis in different areas of business development.  Started out coaching clients to use eBay when eBay was brand new.  I loved coaching so much and has taken the form of the majority of my career for over 20+ years.  Eventually I ventured into Web site development coaching, home business start ups, entrepreneurial mindset development, personal development, accountability and executive leadership development and am now engaged in small business marketing coaching.  As best I can calculate, I've coached somewhere in the range of 9,000-10,000 clients over the last 20+ years.  I was able to develop my skills as a coach to such a level that I was able to go several years with zero cancellations or chargebacks.  Then, at one point I chose to leave the coaching industry to accept a position within the Self Driving Car industry.  While that was an amazing experience,  still, I missed being a coach and sought to get back in.  I've always worked with large coaching companies in the past but upon my quest to re-enter the industry, I was unable to find a company with a good fit that shared the same important values I have, so I decided it was time to start my own.  I’ve been working on getting this new company up and going over the last 6-7 months.  The progress is slow when I still need to work another job to pay the bills.  Acquiring Funding from an Angel Investor will enable me to devote full time effort to getting the business going with paying clients on board within 3-4 months, while at the same time providing a great profit generation opportunity for an investor.  An investment that will do more than just make money... but will change business owners and their families lives for the better.  An opportunity for an investor with an authentically altruistic consequence behind it.  Will that investor be you?     
Company Name: Soaring Profits Business Coaching
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2. What I do:   Small Business Profit Acceleration.  I can help any business anywhere in the world, (using Zoom) to find $100,000+ untapped revenue within 60 minutes or less without the business owner having to pay one cent more in marketing or advertising than they already do.
5. Market Size - The SBA indicates there are over 33.5 Million small businesses within the USA and an estimated 400 Million small businesses world wide. Only about 1500 coaches are using the unique SaaS Profit Acceleration Software tool I subscribe too. From what I have learned, only a small number of those 1500 coaches are using the software to it’s full potential. There is plenty of market share opportunity and to spare.   

5a. Industry Statistics and Trends, 2023:  The business coaching industry is a rapidly growing sector, with the global market size valued at $11.6 billion in 2019 and expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.5% from 2020 to 2027. Organizations are increasingly turning towards coaches as an effective tool for improving performance, with 88% using it as such. North America accounted for 48.3% of the global market share in 2019 and is projected to reach $20.9 billion by 2030 due largely to its high demand among businesses there; however, other regions have also seen growth over recent years – particularly Europe which has experienced increased female representation within the industry (55%).  Coaching can be incredibly beneficial when implemented correctly: 97% of organizations believe that implementing coaching had an impact on their employee’s performance while 71% do not feel their leaders manage teams effectively; 65 % would even forego a 10 % raise if it meant getting rid of their boss. Business coaches themselves can earn up to 120K per year depending on experience level and average session lengths last between 45 minutes-1 hour long with success rates reaching 528%. The overall satisfaction rate amongst those who hire one stands at 95%, making this profession highly sought after despite only 25 percent indicating need for external resources.
6. Solution -  With the fruits of an effective prospecting effort, I will spend 60 mins. or less with a potential client (using Zoom) performing what is called a "Jump Start 12" Analysis. I can type in the kind of business, their last years revenue, the gross and net profit margin percentages and a handful of other questions, and the software will then show up to 12 different areas of a business where there can be an additional 1% to 10% increases in each area, adding up to an extra $100,000+  of untapped revenue.  The coach can use the software to map out a strategic time plan for the needed changes to build and implement a more effective marketing strategy.  The software also recently had A.I. built into it, so if a different solution is needed that will work better, the A.I. is programmed to provide other potential solutions.  The initial meeting with the client, using Zoom video conferencing with the "Jump Start 12 Analysis" is an initial  free service the client will not be charged for.   
7. Client Acquisition Model - At the end of the free analysis, I set my future coaching fee with them, which ranges anywhere from $4,997.00 per month, down to as little as $497 a month depending on which coaching package they choose.  During the analysis, I show them with colorful automated charts where the cost of the coaching is, in relation to the additional revenue they will generate within the next several months.  Their ROI is always more than 100%.  Often times as much as 400% or more.  They will be able to see that the amount they invest for coaching is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of extra revenue they will generate over the next year.  They will also receive a full color detailed report showing the specifics of the analysis performed with the Profit Acceleration Software.
Once they see what the coach can do to help them find untapped revenue, the close is very simple. “Would you like my help to implement the processes to make those profits a reality?" Or “Would you like my help to find even more profit?”
Money back guarantee:  Risk Reversal - If the client does the work, they will be successful.  If the client can show they did the work and did not get the desired results, they can request a 100% refund.  But they must be able to show conclusively that they did the work the coach directed them to do.  IF they cannot show they did the work they were coached to do, there is no promise.   
Coaching Packages include Platinum, Gold and Silver packages.
    A. Platinum Coaching Package:  One-on-one coaching for 12 months at $4997.00 per month.  They can pay month to month, but if they choose to pay for the entire year up front, they will receive the last two months free. They will receive what is called a "Deep Dive 40" analysis, that goes into an additional 28 different areas where there will be found greater amounts of untapped revenue. I normally charge $1997.00 for the Deep Dive 40 analysis,(which can take up to 6-8 hours to complete) but it will be included if they choose the Platinum Coaching Package.  In addition to having live weekly one-on-one coaching sessions, they will also have access to group coaching, which gives them the opportunity to network with other business owners and the guidance of other coaches who also use the same Profit Acceleration Software and belong to a network of business coaches I am a part of.  They will also have access to online DIY coaching lessons. I have 52, hour-long, online coaching lessons, one for every week of the year.  In their coaching contract, there will be a provision included for when the coached company reaches $500,000.00 in additional annnual revenue while following the program they are coached through, there will be a contracted 10% commission fee to be paid as a 100% bonus to the attending coach. 
    B. Gold Coaching Package: If they cannot afford $4,997.00 per month. There will be an option for smaller priced packages. I am still working out the details for the additional packages. They may include only 2 live coaching sessions per month instead of 4, for a lesser fee of only $2497.00 per month along with a 10% revenue share arrangement, out of every dollar they earn after coaching begins.  In special cases, if I can tell they have a good attitude, who come across as being coachable and teachable, who want my services but just cannot afford it, I may consider an option for a one time fee of $997 up front, and a profit share arrangement of 20% of every dollar they earn after coaching begins. 
    C. Silver Coaching Packages:  Other less pricey packages may include access to group coaching only, (4 group coaching sessions per month) for $997.00 per month.  Or access to the online DIY coaching sessions for $497 per month.  There will likely be an option for a two months free discount if they purchase an annual subscription.  I'm still working out the details for the smaller packages.  
8. Competition – The base of potential clients is so large, that the competition is not quite as critical as it is with other industries.  It is like Coke vs Pepsi. There is so much market available, they can share the same customer base without having to worry about losing significant market share.  Having researched the success of multiple large corporations, I have observed large companies like Microsoft that are obsessed with competing against their main competition, such as Apple.  While at the same time, Apple is only focused on competing against themselves.  Apple wants to do better than they did the month before.  They are their own competition. 
This is the primary angle I will follow.  I will be my own competition, competing against myself to provide the best value possible as I become the best I can be with each client I take on.  Because there is plenty of opportunity and to spare in the business coaching industry, my goal is to eventually become as well known as other larger small business coaching companies such as Robins Research International, Brian Tracy’s Focal Point, The E-Myth Business Coaching or ThinkTQ Business Training Continuum, etc.   None of the other well known coaching companies are advertising they can help any business find an extra $100K in untapped revenue in 60 mins or less.  My business dominating position is rather unique in the business coaching world.  However, that being said, the idea is not to get more clients than the other companies do, but to attract those clients who have not yet ever looked into business coaching who are struggling to get their business to thrive.  There are literally millions to draw from.  To attract new business clients I will use the Market Dominating Position mentioned earlier, and then to keep those clients long term, we'll help them increase their own revenue through many different techniques, but one of the best is using what is called the Conversion Equation: Interrupt, Engage, Educate, and Offer.  With such info available to potential prospects, it will be easier to schedule free analysis meetings to help them find an extra $100K they did not know was there.  Once I am able to deliver the free analysis, I expect to land 8-9 out of every 10 prospects met with.  Once there are 10 Platinum clients on board, I will then begin to focus on expanding my reach by recruiting and training another coach,  with the goal to have 20+ well trained coaches providing coaching services to small businesses with the Profit Acceleration Software marketing system. 
9. The Vision  - Create a world where families thrive because their businesses thrive.  In this world, money is a tool that provides the freedom for people to be able to do what they want to do, when they want to do it.  For those who want to provide the best life possible for their families, many believe that having a thriving business is going to be the best way to provide that freedom.  Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs have a dream but do not necessarily have the knowledge for how to make that dream become a reality.  Why is that? Part of the problem is because we stopped teaching kids how to be entrepreneurs in school.  Schools teach kids how to be good employees, and good employees need to be told what to do, they need permission to take action.  That does not work if you want to have your own business.  Entrepreneurs need to be able to find solutions to their own problems.  Many have great ideas for a product or service, but do not have the training or the know how to make an actual business succeed.  We see how real that is when so many businesses fail within the first 5 years or less.  The Profit Acceleration Software I use to help businesses find untapped revenue and profits is an excellent tool to help make that vision a greater probability.   Soaring Profits Business Coaching will help struggling entrepreneurs learn how to make their businesses not just make more money, but to really thrive to provide the best life possible for their families.     
Plans for fulfilling the Vision:
Financial goals include having a team of 20+  coaches each working with 15-20 full priced Platinum clients per month, within 24 months, bringing in $4,997.00 per month, per client.  This would lead to the company REVENUE projection somewhere between $12,000,000 - $24,000,000 per annum.  
Long ago I observed that for any business to truly thrive, it is critical for the leadership to put their people as the number one priority.  Most companies place their people lower in priority.  By making taking care of your people a primary priority, your people will be better able to take care of your customers.  By taking care of your customers, your profits will take care of itself.  To do this with my company,  I will make a concerted effort to find and hire the best people who share the same values I do, and have an effective and thorough training process in place to have each newly recruited coach fully trained and working with 20+ Platinum clients per month, (plus a smaller number of Gold and Silver clients) earning them a significant income coming through a labor of service that does not occupy so much of their time that they have little to no time for work/life balance.  I want my coaches to have a significant income that enables them to live life to the fullest and make the most of their time with their own families.   When the time comes for coach recruiting and training, I will have a strong filter system in place (yet to be developed) to find and hire prospective coaches who share the same values I have, who will be excited to get on board with the Vision of what the Mission of Soaring Profits Business Coaching company entails.

Scalability: The original plan is to build a sales team who will follow up on excess small business coaching leads, selling the DIY coaching lessons, that will come with 1 free accountability coaching session per month, to hold the DIY client accountable for doing the work outlined in the DIY coaching videos they consume.  However, I recognize that there are two additional opportunties to grow profits here.  One - using a sales team to follow up on unproductive leads. Two - using the DIY coaching lessons as a great product for creating a scalable line of profitability.  I will explore the pros and cons of having a sales team vs. an automated sales page online for scaling using the DIY coaching lessons.  I will eventually make a decision to go with the automated scalable plan or the sales team plan or a combination of both after the funding is in place and there are a number of Platinum clients on board receiving services.
10. Traction – The software developer that provides the  PAS - SaaS program I subscribe to recently developed an in depth certification course to be sure their SaaS clients get the most out of the PAS program.  I am still going through the certification process (and will have each of our newly recruited coaches go through it as well).  The certification process has been slow for myself when I am only able to give minimal time per week to get it done.  My current quest is to obtain funding that will enable me to give full time effort to getting the business going and land 10+ Platinum clients within the next 3-4 months at the most.
*Personal note: I have taken on driving Lyft for the flexibility it gives to work when I need or want too.  The income I earn there is so minimal, I have to drive much more than I would prefer which takes a toll on my physical health and on the physical integrity of my personal vehicle.  But a clear advantage of driving for Lyft is, I often have small business owners in my car who I am able to network with, so when the time comes I’ll be able to reach out to those prospective clients.  I recently had a retired banker in my car who wrote business loans for his bank. When he learned what service I provide, he told me that every bank that writes business loans need my services, as they frequently have loan requests from business owners where the business valuation is not strong enough to qualify for a loan.  He told me which bank and which credit union routinely write the highest number of SBA backed loans in the State of Utah.  My services would enable the banks prospective loan clients to increase their business valuation significantly, qualifying them to get the loans they did not previously qualify for.  A win/win/win situation for the bank, the client and the coach. (and in this case, the Angel Investor wins too).  It can be the same way with Business Brokers.  The services I provide can help their business clients looking to sell a business, to increase their company revenue/profits, thus increasing the value of the business. This enables to Broker to sell any given business for a higher sales price, earning the broker higher commissions. A win/win business transaction.
 11. Funding Ask - I am asking for $200,000 to be able to devote a full time effort to getting the business into sales production and product/service fulfillment mode. 
$75,000-$100,000 will be used in the development and promotion of a strong video marketing campaign that will appeal to and pull in high ticket paying Platinum clients who will have no problem paying the full amount for the services they will receive to enhance the profitability of their businesses. 
The rest of the seed money will be used for Overhead business costs over the next few months until there are several high paying clients on board. 
 12. Projections - What does winning look like  if  WHEN it all works out?
The Vision & Mission word picture above in the Introduction and in section #9 gives an over view of the Projection and what winning looks like when it all comes together.
What’s next?  If I have not overwhelmed you with the content of the detailed outline above, please reach out to me through this platform with any questions you may have.  Even WITHOUT an Angel Investor's seed money to make this busines become profitable sooner than later,  I will not give up on this dream.  It has become my passion, and with or without an Investor's help, I will continue to move forward the best I can one day at a time, until I realize the pursuit of all my goals.  Also, it is important to me to let you know, while I have significantly extensive business coaching experience, I still consider myself to be coachable and teachable.  I will never accept or use the title of "expert" as I will always be open to learning and progressing indefinitely.   With that said, if you choose to help me get this business off the ground, I will be open to any coaching, assistance, guidance, direction, constructive criticisms, and anything else that will lead to the success of this venture that will benefit you and your team, the myriads of clients and their families that are waiting to be helped, as well as myself, my family and my future team members.  My purpose in writing as much as I did was to hopefully convey my passion as I give you the most detailed written picture of where I am at and where I expect to go. If you would like to join me on that journey, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you! Thank you for your consideration. 

-Adam Ruplinger
Business Wealth Architect, Master Coach
Soaring Profits Business Coaching

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