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Hello, I’m Sam Marie and I started
#EyelashHeaven magnetic eyelashes
& eyeliner almost 3 years ago.  It has evolved into  SMF Cosmetics. 

Sales 2019 (1st year): $900.00
2020 (2nd year): $5600.00
2021 (3rd year): so far $20,000.00
Projected 2022 (4th year): $80,0000
I’ve grown without investors, influencers or
advertisements. It’s now time to put my
pride aside and ask for help from you
due to me no longer able to fund this
entirely myself.
The reason behind that is due to customer
Requests sent in to make more and more!
I’ve done my research, I know what works and what doesn’t. My products are amazing and have the potential to scale billions with your help. With my future product ideas I know it will exceed top brands today.  My lipstick already blows Kylie Jenner to pieces as we toss her in the trash.

 All of the content, logos, designs on
boxes, packaging, website and more was
 created by me & for reference just below. OR

SMF is more than cosmetics and has tiers linked involved in multiple industries.

I’ve been in the Modeling/Movie industry
 for over 15 years and currently own and
operate which is a
prestigious Modeling Agency training
new talent and improving current.

Icon Fashion Show is the annual show I throw every year to build the community, support all and their dreams. 

I also have a clothing line with ideas to expand into many styles offered to men, woman and children.

Plans are ready for hair care, skin care,
oral care, clothing, purses, bridal and so much more all tied to SMF. 

I take pride in my work and wish to
expand in multiple stores across the
world especially Japan eventually having
it’s own stores, vending machines in Malls and so much more all inside and outside the USA. 

I’ve done no animal testing for my
products, only tested on myself.  Vegan,
Cruelty Free is our way to be
which is in high demand for cosmetic buyers.

I need at least $500,000 for hiring a marketing team, I’ve already found a well known company and have them ready to go just waiting on funding. 

This industry may or may not be your “cup of
tea” however it is for me. With my
passion and drive, you won’t have to
second guess this investment.

And that’s a promise.

Thank you
Time is of the essence

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SMF Cosmetics is no longer seeking funding.