Small Batch Scratch Made.

Polish cafe in downtown Raleigh NC

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We are looking to secure funds to bring our homemade pierogi business to Downtown Raleigh and open a small homemade polish cafe, Small
 Batch Scratch Made. 

We believe it would be a good fit for downtown because in Raleigh we have only one higher end Polish restaurant in the area, and while they are delicious, it's not somewhere you stop in for a quick bite and run and not everyone can afford it.

We would serve simple polish dishes different kinds of pierogi, kielbasa, cabbage rolls, potato pancakes as well as other traditional polish dishes, 

A small seating area for first come first serve seating with the option to take your dish with you on the go! 

I do not have background in the restaurant industry, I really love cooking delicious food and am taking the safety certifications and food manager certifications now . 

Until I can secure financial and licenses and everything myself will be the only person with the help of my partner and mother will be handling most things and then once we start to gain traction we will see how many employees we will need.

There is a specific location in Downtown Raleigh that I am drawn to but it is currently a retail space and would need a kitchen upgrade and maybe some other things to be able to be turned into a cafe. 

I'll be honest, my original business plan was not this, but what I have always wanted was to own a small business and connect in the community so I can find ways to  give back to the community and be a staple in it. 

The original plan was I wanted to start out renting a kitchen and prepare pierogi for pre orders or vending at local small business pop ups, until we grew enough to go into a store, but as I do more research and make more decisions and ask more questions the more opening the cafe on Blake st. In downtown on the cobbles would be a dream come true! 

Please let me know any questions or how I can give any more information! 

Thank you for your consideration! 

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