Skyline Talent

Raising $300K to build a magazine and talent management company for models, influencers, actors, & musicians

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Skyline Talent – Investment Overview 


· Skyline Talent is a talent management company for models, influencers, actors, athletes, and musicians. We provide a team of talent managers, to help with outreach for influencer marketing, modeling opportunities, and acting auditions for tv commercials, tv shows, movies, and music videos. We help connect emerging talent with networking opportunities, and strategies, to help them to become more successful. 


· We have a team of over 20 talent managers and are partners with industry leaders. With over 150 models, influencers, actors, athletes, and musicians, and a total of over 100 million followers on social media, we have developed local communities with global reach. The company has been growing in terms of website traffic, online applications. The company has been developing a roster of models and influencers to pitch to brands, actors for acting auditions, and musicians to pitch to event planners for concerts and festivals. 
· A high-volume of models and influencers helps promote for the company through various viral marketing strategies built in to the business model through social media, SEO, & events. 
· The company has developed a strong social media presence with multiple social media pages, with over a thousand social media posts this year, that have led to models, influencers, actors, and musicians discovering the brand and tagging Skyline Talent in posts to their social media pages, which encourages their followers to discover and reach out to the company to apply. 
· The company also has an active content marketing strategy with the blog and upcoming magazine which encourages word of mouth marketing, viral marketing, SEO, and paid media. The social media strategy encourages followers of our clients to reach out and apply as well. 

Business Model 

· We help develop our clients social media and marketing materials so that they become more marketable to opportunities within their field. We help our clients to connect with opportunities through introductions, networking, events, content days, and social media strategies. We provide a team of experienced talent managers within each field, that network, and provide outreach and applications for our clients. 
· The majority of the clients are models and influencers that can provide revenue through managed services that the company offers as well as through influencer marketing. 
· Higher value revenue streams would be organizing events for concerts and festivals and earning income from ticket sales and booking musicians for the live performances. 
· The company also has referral partnerships with marketing agencies to earn money through referral partnerships for helping to provide digital marketing plans and services for businesses and with event planners and fashion shows to earn revenue through referral partnerships. 
· The company has synergy in these referral partnerships in that businesses will reach out to Skyline Talent (through lead generation and other marketing strategies) about hiring Skyline Talent for influencer marketing and creative services, providing synergies with referral partners for additional services (ie. paid media for digital marketing, email, content, & creative services). 

Organization & Execution 

· We have assembled a team of talent managers, photographers, event planners, and digital marketers, with experience in each of our areas of specialty. All of the staff are 100% commission-based independent contractors, except for the company Founder / CEO, who is directly involved in all areas of the company (ie. marketing, recruiting staff and clients, presentations, project management). 
· All of the company documents related to the Operating Agreement and the Membership Unit Purchase Agreement are created and reviewed by a law firm Framework Law. 
· The company Founder / CEO is a Babson MBA with 10-years of marketing experience. Recent marketing experience includes being a Marketing Manager at Disney and Forever 21.
· The company has been able to successfully recruit clients, business partners, and talent managers, through relationships and networking by the company Founder / CEO. 
· From industry leaders in the fashion, music, sports, acting, modeling, and influencer marketing industry. We provide a big agency feel with the high-touch approach of having a personal talent management team. The clients and talent managers are organized on to teams by specialty, region, and areas of interest. 

Problem & Opportunity 

· Models, influencers, actors, & musicians are often looking for additional opportunities. Through our connections with talent managers, networks, and other agencies, we have developed processes to help connect them with more opportunities and increase their income. 
· We provide guidance and marketing resources to our clients to help them with outreach and applications for connecting with paid opportunities in their field. 
· Musicians for live performances is often one of the largest expenses for the event planners of concerts, festivals, and night clubs, through our network of clients and their relationships, we can receive management fees and share in ticket sales, by helping to connect event planners with musicians for concerts, festivals, and night clubs. 
· Digital marketing is often one of the largest expenses for a company, and through our experience in digital marketing and agency partnerships, we can help companies to cut-costs on their marketing expenses, and improve their marketing planning and marketing strategy. 


· Skyline Talent service areas can provide multiple revenue streams, across talent management services, content packages, brand partnerships, and a digital magazine for ad revenue. 
· We project that over time the amount of clients will continue to grow, and we will also gain more established clients, eligible for larger deal sizes. As the website and magazine become more established, that will also help us in gaining more business partners for ad revenue and partnerships. Investment in areas related to producing content for the website, magazine, and social media, will help us to continue grow clients, staff, & advertising partners, through magazine ads, gift guides, affiliate product reviews, and organizing concerts and festivals. 
· The company is looking for $300k investment at $1 million valuation in exchange for 30% equity in order to help accelerate growth through website content, digital marketing, and lead generation strategies. 

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