Sisson construction & remodeling,LLC

Need funding for a house project and a truck my truck engine went out IM having to rent trucks or work vans its a big deal for my construction and remodeling business

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Sisson Construction & Remodeling ,LLC Is my company name since 2003 my business is remodeling. Clients of various things,need of building in attics to family rooms or screened in porches , as of. Now IM building a wrap around porch that comes all the way to the back and surrounding their pool. My in need is a truck my truck engine went out that is the only thing holding me back IM having to rent trucks or vans and its killing me and IM having to spend out of pocket for material as well I need a investor that would help me and get back on my feet if anyone will be Angel investor or anyone that could help me get threw this I am not going to give up on my business I work everyday and a lot of weekends. I am a single father as well I can't let him down. Please contact me ASAP if anyone can help thank you. God bless you all thank you for bringing this chance opportunity to all that you have helped.

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