Raising 1MM to build showaddx. A new social networking app for live concert lovers.

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showaddx is looking to raise $1MM to develop a new social platform that enables music enthusiasts to easily share concert video and connect with one another through simple and elegant venue maps, allowing users to place themselves in an event and share their experience from their respective location. Users can search events by venue, artist or date. There is a place in showaddx for every concert video ever shot. showaddx eliminates the single frame offerings of other social networking sites and lets the user see all that is available from a single view. showaddx creates a new social experience connecting people inside the venue of the event. showaddx allows a user to re-live and revisit a performance. showaddx offers the artist a new way to communicate with fans by becoming members themselves.
 Total market for good  3.17 billion social media users
Total persons using good  2.3 billion active social media users
Market Penetration  (2.3BB/3.17BB) * 100 or 72.5%
Potential new market 
3.17BB - 2.3BB or 8.7 million users
PENETRATION PRICING  Offering Ads at low prices during first 60 days of launch will generate more sales as LEK’s popularity and user base grows.
Estimated web site traffic in first 6 months of operation  
Number of new Subscribers  9.37MM users
Number of video views  More than 6B
Estimated Earnings 
More than US $19MM
Clicks: 2.5MM > Impressions: 3.125MM > Page CTR: 80% > CPC: $0.50 > Page RPM: $400.00 > Monthly Earnings: $12,500,000.00

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