Biotech Tire Recycling Inc. | Cleanly Recycle 100% Tire Composites to Reuse in Manufacturing New products

First raise $5,000,000 Use: To meet initial requirements to obtain $11,000,000 Municipal Bond Loan

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The Pitch

History: Since 2003 and $500,000  in research and development spend, the biotechnology tire recycling invention to cleanly recycle 100% tire composite for reuse in manufacturing new products was beta tested and proved successful. The original inventor was a chemist and a farmer. He died before he could bring his invention to market.  In 2019 I acquired the intellectual rights to this invention which include patents in the USA, China, India, and Russia. Since 2019 the business model was reorganized to generate maximum benefit from the invention. In January of 2021 Biotech Tire Recycling was formed to establish the company, ( which is at pre-revenue stage and seeking first stage funding from single or multiple investors to launch. You may review the pitch at Please contact the sender of this email with expressions of interest. 

Problem & Solution: Improper discarding of automobile tires in landfills and waterways causes environmental and public health problems. Biotech Tire Recycling Inc. introduces a Patent Protected 100% Green biotechnology process to recycle and recover 100% tire composites – rubber, steel, steel fiber, and nylon fiber without releasing any contaminants into the groundwater or the air. These composites supply a growing demand for reuse in manufacturing new products. Biotech Tire Recycling’s system promises a: 
·           sustainable
·           repetitive 
·           scalable
·           profitable enterprise.
Value Proposition: Biotech Tire Recycling Inc. is a public benefit project because: 
·           it was born out of the need to eliminate tires from landfills and the waterways. 
·           it cleanly recycles 100% tire composites for reuse in manufacturing new products.
·           it uses less energy to recycle and recover 100% tire composites.
·           it reduces the demand on sourcing rubber from tropical plants.     
·           Its methodology is based on the regenerative principles of nature. 

 A good cause to support: The company promises to lead the tire and rubber industry to a zero-waste business model. Profitability streams from: 
·           the per-tire fees earned from collecting end-of-life tires, and 
·           the sales of cleanly recovered tire composites. 

Profitability: The Global Tire recycling market was US$1.95 BN in 2016; now projected to reach ~US$6 BN by 2027.  Biotech Tire Recycling estimates an average of $2.50 collected for each tire.  Each tire generates $14 in composite sales. So, ($2.50 + $14) is $16.50/tire. Biotech Tire Recycling's annual production capacity is 1,200,000 tires per year. This means gross revenues of ($16.50 x 1,200,000 tires) generates annual revenues of ~$19,800,000.
 Environmental Concerns: Environmental and public health problems caused from discarded tires in landfills and waterways have forced EPA regulations in many States to encourage proper disposal of discarded tires, which drives the demand for efficient recycling methods. Rubber comes from the sap (latex) of tropical plants.  If we are not mindful, we could deplete the supply which has a global demand.  Biotech Tire Recycling methodology will help to reduce the demand on sourcing rubber from tropical plants by consistently subsidizing the market with pure premium rubber powder and crumb rubber.  Since 2003 and one half million dollars invested, the beta test proved successful.  
Fundraising Objectives

Project cost is ~$16,000,000.
First round raise is $5,000,000.
Intended use of funds is to reach the following milestones:
·           Soft cost, including…
·           Independent feasibility report from Smithers 
·           permits, engineering and environmental reports.
·           Property acquisition.

Second round raise is $11,000,000 [Municipal bond (debt equity) is applicable to solid waste Plants], intended use:
·           Acquisition of machinery systems and equipment 
·           Working Capital and Reserves.

 Contact: Trevor McKenzie Email:  [email protected]   Website:


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