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Raising $600K to complete the construction of Copper Processing Plant in Dodoma Tanzania

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I’m looking for an investor to come into the final investment stages of our copper processing plant in Tanzania. 
The project is a nominal 30 tons per day copper concentrate plant with a 1600 degree Celsius furnace for transition from copper concentrate to copper ingots. The 2.6 hectare plant site is located within 6 kilometers of 3 open pit copper mines consisting of over 25 hectares of land, which have been secured by RPI for development.    The project lies Northwest of Dodoma within the district of Mpwapwa. The Tanzania Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) station is located within 2 kilometers of the project site, allowing efficient logistical support from Mpwapwa to the largest East African port at Dar Es Salaam. 
In general, the Dodoma features are semi-arid climate with relatively warm temperatures throughout the year, with average lows dipping to 13 degrees Celsius in July. Dodoma averages 570mm of precipitation each year, the bulk of which occurs during it's wet season between November and April. The 2.5 hectare site consists of an ore concentrate processing facility, furnace facility, security facility, a separate bathhouse and restroom facility, mine rock storage area, water management facility, and a congruent 4 acre site for a Tailings Storage Facility 
(TSF). The open pit mines consist mainly of chalcopyrite, bornite, galena, electrum malachite and azurite based copper deposits containing over 1.0% copper sulfides, as much as 9574 ppb Silver and as much as 311 ppb of gold. The ore will be transported from the mines by truck to the project site for processing which will consist of conventional crushing, grinding, and flotation processes to bring the ore to a concentrate form consisting of approximately 20 to 30% copper purity. The concentrate will then be transfered to the furnace facility where it will be further processed into blister consisting of around 98.5% copper purity. The material sold as concentrate, will be transported by railway via the SGR from Mpwapwa to the port of Dar Es Salaam for export. The material processed as blister will be securely transported to pre-arranged refineries, which have agreed to purchase all copper/gold based blister material.

Current stage of development: The permits and licenses are secured. The Environmental approvals, which is the area most processing projects fail, has been secured. Several mining concessions are secured with the option of increasing concessions. The project site and drawings are secured and approved. The well has been installed and electricity is installed on site. The foundation of the copper concentrate plant is complete. The processing equipment, including the 30 tons per day complete plant equipment and the induction furnace is in containers on site with 24/7 security in place. 

The Royal Peony team includes: expertise in international banking and commodities, engineering expertise with over 30 years in metallurgy and mining practices (currently owns and operates a 200 ton per day processing plant in Colorado, USA); expertise in logistics and import export management; expertise in business management and operations. 

To complete the project, we will need to finish the steal building, install the TSF (Tailings Storage Facility), tie in utilities, install equipment and begin moving ore to site. 

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