RBT Technologies, Inc d/b/a Robosport Technologies

We are looking to raise 1 Million Dollars for our Company to develop for the mass market the first Robotic Batting Tee for Baseball and Softball Batters.

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We are a  technology startup that develops sports training equipment to foster hand-eye coordination by utilizing emerging technologies in Robotics, Wearables, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.  Our technology seeks to further the mind-body connection by embedding into the technology randomization principles that forces athletes to "rethink" each movement.  Our journey begins with baseball and our first patent approved product is a robotic batting tee that prevents batters from hitting the ball in the same consecutive spot.  By shifting the paradigm from repetition to randomization, we develop more fluid and flexible athletes and create a dynamic system of sport specific practice that better prepares them for the dynamic nature of the game. 
The following link is a rendering of how our first launch product would work.  Robotic Batting Tee
Also, here is a study that we conducted for baseball hitters that was published in the Journal of Sport & Human Performance.  JSHP_PDF_Indexed-Sawyer.pdf (application/pdf) 720K

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