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Innovative Project under $5K

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I hope you're well!

Thanks for your time, and thanks for supporting music

Any contribution is appreciated

I'm a songwriter and musician in Austin, TX
After years of being a voice over actor in NYC, I got back to songwriting and my love of music
My mission in life is to make a difference!

Some past projects include:

Last year, I fulfilled a dream and published my first recorded songs 
The response has been great, and I've got a bunch of new songs ready to launch!

This year, I decided to be a full time songwriter and make music my job
I'm ready to record a great album!
I've been using savings to pay the bills, and funds are getting low

I'm committed to music, and I'm hoping for funding to pay the rent while I record the album

Titles include:
  • My Kind Of Joy
  • Take It Up Again
  • Going to Austin 
  • Meet Me At The Gazebo
  • Bigger Wings
People find my songs to be inspirational, hopeful and fun!

Take care,


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