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My name is Andria, and I am 32 years old - I resigned from 9.5 years of employment with a labor and staffing company in early December 2020. When I began at that company in 2011. it was a 9 month old startup with 3 operational partners and one operating location. I was one of two employees at the time. I was hired as a “Recruiter”  with 1 year of experience out of college at another staffing agency. I say, “Recruiter” because it was just a job title on a piece of paper - I filled long term positions, daily positions, made collections calls, made sales calls, worked customer service positions and began at $11.00 per hour. We did $300,000.00 in sales that year.

When I left the company this past December, I left making six figures as the Vice President, and left behind 14 operating locations and one fully functional and departmentalized corporate office holding a total of 172 employees.

With over a decade of experience in staffing snd  coaching, mentoring, and experiencing hands on with my sleeves rolled up - With a decade of professional connections and relationships with businesses and individuals in 4 states - the  mission and construct of workstufdSS (Strategies and Solutions) is this:

Three Focuses:
- Career Coaching, Consultation & Development
- Permanent Placement (Direct Staffing - Contingency & Head Hunting)
- Organizational Development Consult

A full service - A full cycle - A complete and total Workforce & Workplace Strategy & Solutions Provider.

I have the network and experience. I have 15 hand picked individuals ready to go in a tiered system below me. I have single handedly, alone, in my hone office with my dog at my feet, developed the brand identity, website, structure & fees, marketing deployment strategy along with all of the trademark/registrations/requirements - I  have become a full blown computer graphics designer, brand ambassador, social media and website guru - I have slept little and left a room even less these past 4. Weeks.

I signed my lease and picked up my keys to my new office on Friday. I have a meeting in 2 weeks with 15+ individuals who are going to identify, develop and execute sub brands under my brand.

Please watch the video I have created to best explain my background, my thought process and my overall perspective that is in fact the core of this business plan. I have a go fund me also ongoing at this time. I welcome any additional questions. I appreciate your time.

Warm Regards,

Andria Laroche

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