Revive! Therabodywork Inc.

Two part unique holistic wellness model: The one stop mobile healing shop of treatments given in nature and around town, and, an atrium no touch membership healing lounge.

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Revive! Therabodywork Inc. is the one stop mobile healing shop & Lounge. It is a two part wellness model. I would need a Non-Disclosure form signed to share our Executive summary and look-book design, but here is the shortened version to give you an idea.
    Part one: Our mobile aspect is affordable, time-efficient, and convenient and meant to reach the community to help heal and alleviate any pains, stress and depression COVID has caused. We set up around town for 8 hour periods to provide shorter more affordable tailored treatments to problem areas, booking a week in advance. (The first industry we are partnering with is the Film Industry because, having been a filmmaker for over 13 years and within the film industry for 27 years and raised surrounded by eastern medicine, one of my main missions in life having lived the stress that filmmaking provides is to fuse the holistic and film industry together as one, but also have the ability to provide to the community at large.)
     Part two: Our lounge is a wellness model that has been recognized as a proven success by Forbes. This is a self-administrable, no-touch wellness atrium lounge filled with plants and rest & relax areas, that include Salt Meditation Yoga room, hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (great for reducing inflammation and autoimmune diseases), flotation rooms (clear glass rooms within a private room to prevent claustrophobia- the only kind in NM), and Infrared Saunas. Also, there will be enclosed noise canceled meeting rooms (isolation rooms) for privacy and respect for the lounge. All rooms will be air-filtered and ventilated within 5-10mins rates. 
 Our market size is a 4.5 Trillion dollar industry. Just from 2020 covid alone, strategists estimate a 5 to 10% increase annually for wellness as there has already been a 48% increase from 2020-2021 in wellness and health. One out of dozens of articles state, "Holistic health and wellness are now going to take the centerstage. Consumers who spent their resources on leisurewear are now moving towards becoming more health and wellness-conscious than ever. The focus on wellness is going to be more amplified with people beginning to re-think their approach to holistic health." says ( New York times has even mentioned the surge of increase amongst and and just to name a few. Deepak Chopra has already sold out numerous wellness retreats by bringing people together, and once the pandemic subside, there is an expected surge of increase as there is already demand for it already. 

With our mobile model, we will be able to provide this opportunity on a local level as well as a national even international level. We plan to grow beyond our city and state and land locations for travel events collaborating with various holistic licensed practitioners who want to help people on the core level. 

We plan to monetize it with our membership lounges making money through monthly memberships for $500 all access membership lounge with an option to have joint memberships up to 4 people with limited access with joint membership packages. We would need to maintain 200 monthly memberships each month to make 100,000 a month.   We would make $75,000 net each month with the lounge alone. As for the mobile set ups we would make 44,160 for two operation set up in our state. That would multiply for each state we expand into.  For example, only expanding our mobile operations to 5 other states would allow for a 2million dollar growth minus the  initial $115,000 equipment cost and $20,000 employee monthly payout. For operations in one single state, our monthly net growth would be $125,000 at the low end, which annually represents 1.35 million annual growth, again at the low end for one state. For each state we expand to our value would be 1.35 million times the areas we expand to minus the cost of development.  We plan to grow our value with brand name, merchandise and partnerships with wellness products.  


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