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PPO Series A - $1.0M min./5.0M max. to commence FMCG production & operations for GTS; metaphorically, “The White Hat in a Black Hat Industry.”

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Red Cliffs Group LLC (RCG) has created GTS Green Tea Smokes® (GTS).  Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) wholesalers, retailers, focus-group participants and other consumers have expressed strong interests in purchasing these compelling, Made-in-America products.  They are designed to aid smokers seeking to reduce, if not quit, deadly tobacco and addictive nicotine.  

GTS' appealing green tea-based master blend contains polyphenols, flavonoids and antioxidants - known to improve the immune system and blood circulation.  These persuasive health-benefits are promoted in a range of other green tea-based products.  Piggybacking on their promotions provides undeniable, rarely possible, worldwide promotional advantages.  Furthermore, according to the Wall Street Journal’s January 29, 2021 edition, market trends indicate traditional cigarette and cigars are returning to favor, reversing a decades long trend. This is attributed to the shift towards working from home, smokers’ apprehensions regarding e-cigarettes and vape products, and the FDA prohibiting flavoring those products. 

GTS is not regulated by the FDA, nor surtaxed by the Tobacco Tax Board (TTB).  Couple with its low production cost, scheduled pricing is significantly less than tobacco products.  GTS’ vital production process overcome tea’s high-speed packaging impediments, thus enabling the use of independent contractors’ high-volume production equipment.  Additionally, it defers, if not eliminates major capital expenditures for equipment, provides rapid scalability,  and facilitates delivery of enhanced versions designed to satisfy preferences that span the globe.  RCG’s highly-qualified team of suppliers and contractors have produced trademarked GTS samples, and are ready to commence wholesale production.   
Operations, production, marketing, distribution, and other plans, strategies and disclosures are addressed in the company’s recently issued $5.0M Reg D – PPOM.   The $1.0M minimum funding requirement launches and would maintain production and operation.  The balance accelerates production and distribution.   Accepted subscribers earn a participation in royalty/pack sold, and profits/loses.  Those subscribers who provide the initial $1.0M are also entitled to priority multiple return on their investment.        
                   Wm. Todd, Member-Manager (949) 680-0346 

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