Real Deal Group, LLC

Seeking Cash Providers for Fix and Flip Real Estate Deals

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We buy distressed properties, fix them up and sell them to end users. We bring our newly renovated houses to the market at a discount so they sell quickly, then we move on to the next one.   My partner and I both have over five years of experience in the fix and flip market.  I have also been licensed as a Real Estate agent in two states.  We currently have a construction crew working  in Indiana.  We also have a crew ready to go to work in Florida and we have enough deals and opportunity to deploy up to $250,000 right away.  However, we can be effective with as little as $50,000 as that allows us to control a property and start the process with our short term construction loans.   We have already raised $75,000 in cash and have access to an institutional, short term fund for all the money we need to purchase a property and to do renovations.  

We would like to have more cash on hand so that we can negotiate better deals on the properties we purchase without having to wait 30 days for a construction loan to close.  Also, with more cash we will have larger profit margins because we won't have to pay the high fees and interest rates that come with using the short term funds.

We are open to discussing what your needs and objectives are for return on your investments and look forward to being flexible with our terms.  We welcome the opportunity to schedule a phone conference so that you can get to know us and our process which we feel makes us very successful in this market when others may not be.
Kindest Regards,
Lisa Stevens

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