Pucker Pickle Juice, LLC.

Raising $50,000 to increase manufacturing capability to meet demand in a growing market.

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Pucker Pickle Juice specializes in the manufacture of great-tasting acidic beverages.  My brother and I have always been pickle juice connoisseurs and were always buying pickles to just drink the juice. One day, we decided to create our own pickle juice so we didn't have to buy pickles anymore. After much trial and error, we created what has now become known as Pucker Pickle Juice. We would brew batches on our back porch and neighbors would smell it cooking and ask for some. Then strangers were knocking at the door asking for the pickle juice we were known to make. Finally, the organizer of a large marathon in Florida had heard about our product and asked us to hand it out at his next event. The pickle juice table was so crowded we had to enlist help from the water table to help us keep up. Runners were lined up to get a shot of this great-tasting cramp-reliever. We realized then there was a market for this product and set out to start our company,

We have become the most popular pickle juice in our area and also have strong sales on Walmart.com. Walmart has offered to start fulfilling our online orders and we are one of the first companies that aren't in their stores to which they have made this offer. We are ready to become more than just a local beverage and are looking for someone who sees how bright of a future Pucker Pickle Juice has. Plant-based drinks are a 5 billion dollar market and is still growing yearly. Our all-natural juices fit perfectly in this category.  And Pucker Pickle Juice is popular with people who wouldn't normally flock to a plant-based beverage. Because of the emphasis we have put on flavor, anybody who suffers from muscle cramps, hangovers, or electrolyte deficiencies purchase our products. People even buy it as a chaser for bourbon or to use as an excellent marinade.

Pucker Pickle Juice offers a variety of flavors which is unique in the industry. We currently offer our Original Dill Flavor and also a spicy version called Pyro. We are working on a sweet and hot, a lower-salt version, and a caffeinated version of Pucker Pickle Juice. We have also started making citrus based beverages. Honey Hibiscus Lemonade is available locally now and we have perfected the recipe for Elderberry Beet Lemonade. An investment in Pucker Pickle Juice will help us use our skills and training to develop more flavors.

We own the trademark to Pucker Pickle Juice and are working to get our mascot image trademarked. We have funded this venture through our full-time jobs and we need to focus solely on the pickle juice business in able to keep up with growth. That is why we are asking for funding. We know we would be able to get in the big stores if we had the manufacturing capability. The possibilities with this company are endless. Pickle juice is a market waiting for a major player, and Pucker Pickle Juice will be that major player.

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