PTSN INC dba Philippine Times Of Southern Nevada

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A minority women owned Ethnic (Fil-Am) broadsheet print newspaper publication in Las Vegas servicing the community since 2003.  PTSN provides support to organizations that seek exposure and publicity by becoming a media partner. It has an exceptionally strong and loyal readership, composed of educated, news-involved professional men and women who continue to be interested in information and topics from their homeland – The Philippines as well as news and information from their second home in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas Valley receives over 200,000 Filipino regular visitors from all walks of life seeking to experience what the city is known for- 24 hour Entertainment and Casino gaming. PTSN has found its niche as the leading local owned and operated Philippine newspaper source for local community news, events and business information in Las Vegas. 

This year, we've expanded our reach on the internet by creating a website that our loyal readers and advertisers can stay connected. The funding we are asking will help support our efforts to reach out to more members of our community and also to keep our platforms up to date with the current trends of information distribution.  Especially catering to those who have been directly or indirectly affect with COVID19 that are unable to leave their homes. We aim to be the number 1 choice for web platform for information about what's happening locally, from our home country the Philippines and from across the globe.

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