Indigo Heart Company

New Public Sanitation Movement seeking strategic capital and partnership to bring concept and product to market.

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Indigo Heart Company is launching a public sanitation movement that will simultaneously provide mass markets with disinfecting surface wipes while offering companies valuable advertising space and attention. There is a huge opportunity to expand the wet wipe market. When you walk into a store, a school, restroom, or a restaurant, you are immediately exposed to COVID-19 by touching any hard surface. So is every other shopper, student, or consumer, and while some retailers provide disinfecting wipes at their own expense, most don't. Indigo Heart Company has a solution. We provide disinfecting surface wipes and flushable wipes in public spaces and restrooms at no cost to the customer or the retailer. 

We are still in the patent process, so if you would like to know more, you will be required to fill out a Non Disclosure Agreement.

The Indigo Heart Company is an early stage startup. We have completed market research, patents, and prototyping, and with the proper partnership, this project will help many people around the world stay safe .

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Indigo Heart Company is no longer seeking funding.