M.Y. Productions Inc.

Raising 100k for our first internal feature film named Rosedale Avenue. Written and directed by one of our founders, this film follows an interracial couple in the 1950's Quebec.

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M.Y. Productions is a production and distribution company. Our goal is to take on internal and external projects while staying true to the creator's vision. Multiple other production companies view any project as a business transaction and loose the beautiful art and love of bringing a filmed project to life. The plan for M.Y. Productions is to purchase our own equipment to later rent out to those in need and make our capital back while also making contacts and creating business relationships. We require an estimated 50k for our equipment purchases as we will need cameras, sound equipment, lighting, etc. M.Y. Productions will also be a platform to connect creatives together. We will have our own personalized network to connect those seeking advice, mentorship, business connections or help with projects. We will also be offering our version of masterclasses from people who work in the entertainment industry in their own respective fields. Both these services will be based off of a monthly subscription therefore bringing in a constant stream of capital. Further to those services we will also offer freelance services based off of a creator's specific needs, for example: script editing, film bible creation, pitching a project, etc. To touch on the distribution aspect; we will be distributing our own projects as well as projects we take on to produce from external sources. We will also be purchasing the rights to multiple other projects that are already developed in order to maximize and diversify our streaming selection. This will also be on a subscription basis. Our website is currently in construction and we will be releasing it shortly. Feel free to contact us for our full business plan.

Our first project, Rosedale Avenue is currently in pre-production. With our cast tied down, multiple locations confirmed and a schedule being completed as we speak we only require the funding. We require an estimated 50k in funding for Rosedale to compensate the cast and crew, pay the location fees, purchase craft services, transportation, era-accurate wardrobe, hair and makeup and house-held accessories. The filming is scheduled for the beginning of August of this year and will last between 3-4 weeks. Post-production will take 4 weeks and we will have the completed project ready to be released before the end of the fall of 2021. We will be distributing the project on our own platform as well as multiple others which we are already in contact with. Rosedale Avenue is a beautiful love story between an interracial couple in 1952 Quebec and the trials and tribulations they experience when one of them is accused of murder. This film circles racism, bigotry, sexism and feminism. As racism is such a prominent topic in today's society one would think there would be more representation in the media. The best way for people to learn is through art and entertainment and we want to bring this story to life to educate and spread awareness. Love is love.

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