Probe Innovation USA, LLC

Raising $150k as 1) sample manufacturing for customer evaluation, 2) operating fund for mass production materials

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Innovative probe for semiconductor electrical inspection. Took patent in USA but need fund for mass production.
I invented ultimate solution to semiconductor electrical inspection method, vertical probe card.  My patent application has gone through patent office USA and will be published on My 4.
My idea will replace conventional method and will be main stream, as it has merits and features as follows: 1) Facility cost is one digit smaller than conventinal main method, MEMS. 2) High productivity by automated thin pins inserting technology. 3) Advantageous to full array fine pitch such as 40 μm pitch necessary to 5G, 6G  Tele-communication and AI device, 4) Long probe life (three times longer than MEMS) as rare metal Iridium is adopted as probe material.  5) Due to Iridium high current carrying capability necessary for inspection of Electric Vehicle device and power semiconductors.
  What makes these features possible is core idea, "straight pins are transformed to curved probe inside hole plate jig by buckling compression". We call our probe  VPT which means  Vertical Probe Traansformed inside jig.
  Our customers are probe card companies for inspection of semiconductor wafer level test. Soon our VPT Project will start with an Asian probe card company, a strategic partner.
Our business model is to sell continuously straight pins for probe, jigs for hole plate jig to hold probes, and production facility. It is like a printer sales business. Printer maker makes profit by selling ink cartrides. We make profit by selling straight pins (like onk) and hole plate jigs (like cartridge).
  We will start project, but we need to manufacture sample probe head for performance test and evaluation by customers, for this we need $60k. When we start mass production, we need operating fund for materials, for this we need $90,000.
  Probe Innovation is a trading and engineering company supported by manfacturers in Japan and USA. After eraching mass production, we will have revenue of nealy $1,000,000 per month.  But we have latger target. After making achievements and overwhelming performance data, we will appeal our method to TSMC, the biggest semiconductor manufacturer.
As a matter of fact, TSMC showed interest in our method. If we could get order from TSMC, our sales will be ten times, $10,000,000 per month..
  So, our project will not betray your expectations. Please do not miss this onece in a life time opportunity for exciting investment.

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