Capital for a company looking to industrialize the world. We are focused on streamlining the world through technology and introduce harmony.

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Currently we are at the precipice to a revolution. This revolution is going to change the paradigm of the entire world in a way that will be absolutely unprecedented. Some call it the technology revolution, some say it's the 4th Industrial revolution, and some even call it the dawn of technological singularity. I think it is a combination of all these things that coalesce to create something extraordinary. And here at the frontier, in 2021, sits my startup, PRIZM. Extraordinarily enough, we have been moving at the speed of light. Since the dawn of humanity, humans have been able to move forward only through the usage of intuition and creativity. This enabled us to create tools which allowed us to manipulate our environment. This allowed for us to create technology which has done nothing but propel us forward in the paradigm of human consciousness. Through this, the consciousness has evolved the same way humanity has advanced. Same as the slogan for PRIZM, progress truly moves forward. With the initial leap, we arrived at the agricultural revolution which led to advances of  more complex societies. This led us to politics and empires. Inventions moved us in the right route with the launch of trade routes and other advances in utility such as the wheel. Various philosophies and math were introduced. Our existential pondering never stopped. This took us to the scientific revolution which changed the paradigm entirely. This took us away from dogmatic and incorrect beliefs about religion which were full of imaginary mythology to far more concrete, abstract understandings of the universe. As Gailileo Gaililei said, “Eppur Si Muove”. When questioned about whether the earth moves around the sun and forced to recant those claims by the church. He independently thought and analytically said, “yet it moves”. The exact same way I think the entire world is about to change. We are on the precipice. And I say PRIZM is here to build the future. With PRIZM, the future is here and ready to be built. Consciousness evolved as did the entire world. The renaissance brought the art of self expression. Arts and sciences flourished. With this, so did business and technology. The launch of the industrial revolution with Ford’s assembly line changed the paradigm once again along with electricity. This led to the rise of computers and finally the most recent revolution: the digital/information revolution. This changed everything. This led to the rise of data and AI along with biotech/biomed. The dawn of quantum computers is here finally too. More is on the way. This brings us to now. The future is now. And up until now this has all been a beam of light moving at the speed of light. This beam of light will enter the 3 dimensional polygon which is the business PRIZM, in order to create the future by refracting all that light into color, to truly make the world more colorful. With imagination, possibilities are absolutely endless. The global shared vision is for 2100. Markets are closing for a reason. Business and making them is getting far tougher. I know why. PRIZM is a multi industry company looking to streamline the world. It is the leader. It will represent the future. It is as forward thinking as forward thinking can get. Creation means destruction for allowing space to create. With PRIZM, the entire world will see a loss of many, many companies. Why? We are trimming the fat. Most companies are useless and don’t serve value but were valuable in the sense that they helped create some modicum amount of progress.PRIZM is going to capitalize on new tech and the robotics market. Imagine a home that is connected through IoT. All with a robot sharing the vision. This will all be more elaborated upon. We are selling a lifestyle. Products sold separately. We are differentiating ourselves by creating something entirely new. A new os to match all of it. This is going to be extremely lucrative with the current options coming as crappy androids and boring Apple. We need something new. That is PRIZM without a doubt. To sum it all up, the future is now. It is in our hands. And if we choose PRIZM, then we all benefit. Humanity benefits. All in all, progress moves forward.

mission:  to  create the future  through sustainability, accessibility, and connectivity with an emphasis on industrialization.

vision: to unilaterally industrialize the world and streamline everything into a cohesive manner to envision society in a more intuitive,  foundational manner.

Industries and Products:

** Ecosystem build by streamlining technology and whole UI. Various iterations will be spent getting to where we need to be.

1. Robotics (household)
- various different appliances like washer/dryer, fridge, dishwasher, etc
-connected via iot through robot with interface
-robot does various kinds of tasks around house with smart home system and everything optimized to the consumer

2. Robotics (industrial)- 
-   Security Robots
-   Drone Bots
 -  Welding Bots
-    Assembly Bots
-     Inventory Management Bots
-     Nurse Bots
-    Surgical Bots
-    civil robots
-   various kinds of bots for all kinds of uses

3. Computing
-  smartphones
-  laptops
-  desktops
-  tablets
-  vr headsets, game cubes, handheld gaming
-  music devices
-  AR glasses
-  Smart watches

4. Software
-  Gaming
-  Software for internal systems
- Software platform
-  Software infrastructure
- Streamlined Data processes
- Streamlined UI for everything and new operating systems for everything

5. Services

  • Pod like services for automobiles including food/grocery delivery which is made automated or even more streamlined from the prizm ecosystem
  • Privatized airplane services made easier for the average consumer throughout the world on a global scale, accessiblizing the entire world

6. Retail and Social

  • Automated grocery stores under sub branch
  • Introducing eco foods food chain and also synthesizing bio meat and introducing it as an alternative throughout the grocery stores with vegan alternatives.
  • Front end retail stores for cars and computing products
7.  Media

  • Tv and movie production studio for streaming services
  • Music streaming services + podcasts
  • Ebook services
  • Small social service that mixes all social media in professional ways. More intuitive and also employing a subset of a more capitalistic approach to amazon-etsy-craiglist-marketplace-ebay.
8. Transportation

  • Electric buses
  • Electric trucks
  • Renting these electric vehicles out too
  • Electric cars, various price points
** All Auto and Semi auto hybrids

If possible

  • Electric aeroplanes and selling to defense organizations
9.  Construction

  • Infrastructure from privatized government investment for building and innovating the future in an intuitively technologically sustainable way.
  • Public building of houses and units throughout the world
  • Renovations of buildings and houses
** **Main focus to try to create a stringent architecture which allows for
a  more technologically advanced society to take form.

10. Research

  • Biomed research
  • Nanotech research
  • More future research
  • etc


The business model is such of a concentric circle. We aim at first the small circle and scale and grow larger. We do all this intuitively and crfeate while munching off investment bit by bit.


- data we gather for business insight and everything conglomerated under one data visualization chart
- data infrastructure coming into the platform and business infrastructure and systems
- automated ml workflow for everything so we don't outsource
- have it all under one system with pieces we can break off for everyone and use separate orices under one system for every use case

Building Foundation
- One large container
- data within in the seam
- management systems
- information systems
- containers holding the operating systems
- games separate
- one box for each system
- blockchain data feeding and iot
- cryptography protecting all the systems and software

Web Site

developing web design
- having backend developed for sales
- cerating streamlined system for everything along with financial services

Prototyping UI

Hardware Production, distriution and manufacturing

- developing raw materials and buying out resources
- creating chips and sensors for everything
- creating factories and assembling and making them along with all the products
- hvaing the manufactured final products moved to warehouses
- get testing locations and espcially for design iterations.

- coming up with ideas for everything around ui and design and perfecting everything
- coming up with plans for future in an architectural way for a more advanced society espcially involving everything for ui to everything
- coming up with other deisng ideas and helping tesitng. UI/UX.

Finding ways to upgrade society into a more advanced society by changing the paradigm entirely.


Getting marketing and PR relations espcially with finances in order.

Markteting and gaining traction on social media and slowly kicking oursleves up like a snowball.

2025 prizm launch
2025 late january vision launch along with year long product rollouts

from then on we are like a concentric circle until we encapsulate the entire world.

we sell saas, paas, and iaas, along with industrial robots to others companies and find ways to consolidate the world underneath us. Our UI reigns supreme.


- satellites
- data centers
- hiring and offices
- locations for testing, warehouses, factories, retail, etc
- getting things ready and in place
- domain name

Seed (very tentative right now)
Building some smaller factories and getting some product out there for testing 

Getting everything in order and engineering things is a more procedural way and getting testing set up for everything

Prototyping everything by the end of 2022 and testing all of it getting ready to go through iterations

Marketing teams figuring out how to market everything

Building and reintroducing everything to target audience

Getting data back. By end of stage, small research on everything. Have data to work to next stage


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