Precious Kittens Cat Rescue and Shelter, Inc.

Raising 5 million to build cat sanctuary to help cats and kittens in need.

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Raising 5 million to purchase an existing building or land to create a cat sanctuary. I've already started helping orphaned kittens and cats that needed rehoming. There's a great need for shelters that can house cats. My shelter will be more like a sanctuary. Individual rooms with cats and kittens able to jump and play while they wait for a forever home.  A separate room for pregnant cats to keep them and their newborn kittens safe from other cats. Each mother will have an individual enclosure separated from the other moms. A special room for kittens 4 weeks and under who have no moms. A room where friendly ferals can be socialized and trained so they can be adopted to a forever home. Rooms to take in and evaluate cats coming into the sanctuary. A room where people can check out several cats or kittens and choose the one they wish to adopt.  I would need money to purchase computers and other equipment, like incubators for weak kittens and cat furniture.   To serve my community I will be putting together free spay and neuter clinics. My message is Help Us Out! Spay and Neuter Your Pets. Shelters all around Charlotte are full.  There are too many cats and kittens in need. I'm part of a group that feeds ferals and spays and neuters them so there are less kittens being born.  We care for 124 cats in 38 sites. Many of these cats are abandoned by their owners and have a good chance for the potential to find a forever home.  My cat sanctuary will provide that chance. I have several offers already to volunteer for my cat sanctuary. I get calls everyday about a cat or kitten in need. I can't help many of them without my cat sanctuary. I've already partnered with Stand for Animals to provide vet care for my rescues. I have a background in bookkeeping and secretarial work. My treasurer has a background in working with other non profits.  She also has a bookkeeping background. I have the passion and drive to make this work. I will not accept failure. I've been incorporated and my 501 (c) 3 has been filed and is pending. I have three fosters now that are ready to take in any cat or kitten in need. But I need a building to help more cats survive and get forever homes. I do other ways to raise funds including go fund me page, Facebook fundraising, and I'm doing a raffle. My Secretary has a brewery and we plan on doing events to raise money. I have one sponsor that gives me a few hundred dollars when I need funds.  This helps but it doesn't give me enough to build my cat sanctuary. I charge a $35 donation to rehome a cat. I charge an $85 donation to adopt. All adopters fill out an adoption application.

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