Posh Party Designs

Purchasing a second piece of equipment to produce our own product.

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My husband and I started a yard card supply business in August of 2020 in our apartment after COVID hit our home. Posh Party designs is a full service vendor to the yard card industry.  Our company specializes in designing custom yard cards for our consumers. In 4 months we have done $165,000 in sales. Our only form of exposure has been our Facebook page and related groups.  I produce the graphics and layouts for our product line and they are printed by a third party.  My background is sign production , screen printing and 23 years in the restaurant industry. The core of our business has been built through repeat clients and referrals. We have purchased a wide format printer, acquired a warehouse/ store front and are currently building the website and Etsy store to further our reach. We are looking for funding to purchase a CNC table and a month of operating cost so that we can begin producing on our own.  Our company Posh Party Designs will be the first walk in yard card store and we have a network of local clients ready to shop, along with our nationwide base we ship to. 

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