The next-generation of social media, combining and improving many features into one cross-platform app.

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Ping is the next-generation of social media, combining a suite of communication, socialization, customization, and organization features into one single multi-platform app.

Ping is separated into two products: Ping Ads and Ping Chat. At its core, Ping Chat is a freemium combination of the following apps’ features that have either been matched or improved: Discord, Slack, Snapchat, CamScanner, iMessage, FaceTime, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, VSCO, Google Drive, Google Photos, and Dropbox. We also provide advertisers, partners, and influencers a social space, personalized data, and marketing tools to reach our user base through a platform aptly named Ping Ads.

Ping’s market is large due to the market combination of the everyday user, the server user, and the workspace user — combining communication, socialization, customization, and organization. Conservatively, this figure is 200+ million users. This statistic is based on a mix of registered users and daily active users (which is always less than registered users) for Twitter, Snapchat, Discord, Instagram, Slack, and Dropbox, estimating around 330 million users. However, we shouldn’t forget that Facebook has almost 3 billion registered users.

By the end of Q4 2022, we will have reached our goal of 1.2 million registered users. The app will still be in its infancy, but well on its way to the third round of development. The advertising toolset will also be on its way to its second round. We will have realized our first $18 million in revenue, or $8.6 million in profit. In order to prepare for this growth, we plan to build a more robust team at the end of Q1 2022 to continue development, marketing strategies, and partnership acquisition.

 At this time, we are in development, collecting a list of 100 beta testers for testing in Q4 2021, and seeking investments totaling $450,000 for ~20% equity with a pre-money valuation of ~$33 million.

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