Create an AI driven software platform to be immersed in all eBooks and printed publications with the use of a video hyperlink, which will be licensed to publiching companies.

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The business plan involves licensing a revolutionary AI-driven software platform that allows readers to select any section of content in their eBook or printed publication and create a hyperlink that takes them to a video about the content they are reading. It is estimated that publishing companies will want the software capabilities in each book sold in the future (over 20 billion books are sold annually). At a licensing fee of 25 cents per book, the annual revenue for this business venture will be phenomenal.   A US patent application has been submitted to the USPO.      Click this link for more details:    https://www.canva.com/design/DAFxQ0ZkY5o/Jx7nMl7xMDW8w1FxMW3K0g/watch    I am seeking $5m to hire the required software engineers and developers needed to create a workable prototype ASAP.   The minimum loan or investment is $25k.  The standard ROI is 15% per annum for loans, and investors will get up to 32% equity in the business for the $5 million maximum.

Merritt Properties Group (MPG) presents a pioneering investment opportunity in the burgeoning homecare agency industry. Our innovative model revolves around an escrow-based system that ensures unparalleled security for lenders and investors. With 100% collateralization of funds by the subject property and a seamless transition of property title upon repayment, MPG offers a unique and robust investment approach. Our detailed market analysis demonstrates the industry's growth trajectory, showcasing the ripe opportunity for investment. MPG's financial projections, rigorous risk mitigation strategies, and robust legal framework solidify the credibility and security of this venture. Backed by a seasoned team with expertise in real estate acquisitions and financial management, MPG pledges transparency, regular reporting, and open communication channels to foster trust.

We invite potential investors and lenders to join us in this groundbreaking venture. By engaging with MPG, you secure your investment and contribute to revolutionizing the investment landscape. We welcome you to connect with us to explore this unique investment opportunity further and become a part of our journey toward innovation, growth, and mutual success. Contact us today to embark on this transformative investment journey with MPG.


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