Peyton Parker Lane Playground

Raising Money for an All Inclusive Playground

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 "Play is the highest form of research” -Albert Einstein

We would like to create an all inclusive playground specifically designed to remove physical and social barriers. All children, with or without disabilities and/or critical illnesses can play side by side with their peers and families.

 Statement of Need: The Peyton Parker Lane Playground will provide a play environment that is currently missing in the region. There is no fully inclusive and accessible facility in the area. This will allow both children, parents and grandparents of all abilities to safely interact and have a parallel play experience with other children.

Once it is funded, Peyton Parker Lane Playground has gotten the approval from the York City Council to place the playground at Minck’s Park and near the Aquatic Center, 2222 East 14th street in York Nebraska.

Little Tikes Commercial, Unlimited Play and Crouch Recreation have come together to create the design of the inclusive playground for the future project.

1. To provide a play space that promotes and encourages full inclusion, of children and adults with all degrees of abilities.
2. To create an environment that breaks social and physical barriers, and gives the opportunity for children with disabilities to interact without feeling different. Because all children love to play.
3. To provide a space that parents and grandparents with disabilities can easily interact and play with their children and grandchildren.
4. To raise awareness of inclusion, and bring our community together in a space that is equal for all. Bringing children together to play side-by-side with their siblings, friends, and providing a safe place for families to socialize.
5. Building community pride! When children and adults of all abilities experience the value of play, it will bring a community together in remarkable ways.
6. To create play areas for children of all abilities including sensory play, physical play, imaginative play, quiet spaces, climate protection and ease of access.

 Our hope is for the Playground to be a place for all people with all degrees of abilities to enjoy a day of play. A place that not only benefits the York, Nebraska community and county but to bring people from surrounding communities. A place that is comfortable for all people young and old, able bodied or not. We would like to bring a positive experience for all that enter and spend time there and to create truly a magical place!

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