Peymynt Financial

Financial technology, Quickbooks alternative, available in 25+ countries

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Peymynt, an invoicing and payments platform for small businesses seeks to raise $1m in equity debt for an exchange of 3x return within 18 months. 

Link to the website —

Login credentials to view MVP — U: [email protected] ; P: Peymynt123

Currently boasting over 7k users since launch on June 19th, 2020 with three tier plans — $0 ; $249 ; $1,749

Target users — freelancers, small businesses, users who invoice clients and collect payments via credit card and/or bank payments 

Highly motivated founder who has self funded development of the platform this far.

Use of the funds raised will be catered to marketing and continued development. 

Desired minimum investment — $100k 

Please contact us via email for further discussion at “[email protected]” 

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