Pet Resort at Greenspring

Dog Boarding/Grooming/Daycare

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I am looking for funding to purchasing Pet Resort at Greenspring. It was established in 2004 and the primary services are boarding, daycare, and grooming for dogs and cats. The company owns 15 acres of real estate and is currently only utilizing roughly 2 acres. The property consists of a barn/stable, kennel, and a residential house. The owner of the company is selling due to retirement reasons. He has split ownership of the business with the daughter currently as she oversees the day-to-day operations. 

The company has 111 kennels and 9 condos for cats. There are a handful of options for boarding dogs with a classic, deluxe, ARP (Associated Retired Pets), Grand Luxury, and Executive. The upgrades provide more room for the pets and less noise. Some suits the pets get their own room. 

In 2019 the company had a revenue of 755k, with an income of 177k. 2020 during COVID the revenue was 489k with an income of -7k. 2021 the revenue was 789k with income of 211k. For 2022 they are predicting to finish the year with a 20% increase in revenue. There are currently 14 employees working at the company, but three of them will be leaving in a few months for college. 

After I visited the facility the biggest issues that I saw the company facing was poor utilization of space, necessity for more employees to accommodate more dogs, the facility could use a small renovation to make it more attractive and appealing, and marketing could be executed more efficiently.

My plan to increase revenue for the business follows, I would like to bring on employees that will be staying long term, so time and resources isn't wasted in retraining and searching, with proper organization and utilizing space more efficiently will allow the company to accommodate more dogs, the yard they use can easily be expanded to allow for larger play pens. I would like to implement board and train for basic obedience as it provides convenience for clients to have their dogs boarded, groomed, and trained at one facility. With an expansion of the facility, we can offer group and personal training classes. I want to be able to provide K9 protection training as not many companies offer that. This training can give families peace and mind that their kids can be left with their dogs and not have to fear of strangers. Utilization of the stable will be an easy method of income as long as the right employees are hired to take care of the horses. The location is prime for horse boarding as only one other company provides that service and charge starting at $800 monthly.

Backstory about myself is that I am currently active duty in the military and am in the process of getting out. I have experience with working military dogs. I have been in the service for three and a half years. Working with animals has always been a passion for myself especially dogs. With being new to business I understand there will be a huge learning curve but the skillsets I have obtained from the military will enable me to always find a problem to a solution. If finding a solution takes hours or weeks, I will continue to strive to grow the business into what I envision it to become. 

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