Perkins Orchard inc

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Perkins Orchard is the largest and oldest produce market in central North Carolina. Founded by a renown man Dr. Joseph e Perkins who was my grandfather and pastor of a church in Apex, NC for over 40 years. I took over his small roadside stand when i was little and built it from an honor system to a million dollar c corp in the last decade. I created the idea of a set size bag (1 peck bushel) to allow customers for a price point of $25 to fill any fruits or vegetables on the market any day of the season. If it grows, it goes as we say. Then we always give you a complimentary item on the side of your $25 bag deal. Could be a pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon, eggs, meat. etc. We have been in business 52 years, grossing over 1 million each of the last 4 years. We offer gourmet foods as well. We are looking to expand our operations & give you a return on your investment.  We are seeking $175000

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