Perfleek, Inc.

Nationwide online real estate website with over 1 million active listings giving the buyer and real estate professionals the best user experience.

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Perfleek is the new online real estate and vacation rental platform designed by real estate brokers for real estate brokers. With over 1 million active real estate listings for sale nationwide, is the one stop location for all buyers's needs.  Perfleek has 2 current business sectors, real estate, and vacation rentals.  The vacation rental platform is a booking platform that currently has over 3500 vacation rental units in Florida, Alabama and Tennessee, with an additional 29,000 to be added with the completion of the current software integration  with one of the largest property management software platforms in the United States.

The real estate sector has over 1 million  active listings that are all listed by real estate brokerages across the country.  The real estate platform has started marketing the broker and agent featured  packages and has had immediate success from the onset of only the first of March, when sales commenced.  Perfleek specifically promotes the listing agent / broker on their listings to facilitate them  getting more leads on their listings, helping them to make more money on each transaction by not having to split the commission with other agents.

The real estate sector of Perfleek is capable of generating in excess of $2 billion per year in revenue.  Our market projections for year one without this capital infusion are $2-$4 Million.  With the capital infusion sales in year 1 could exceed $29 million.  Sales projections by the end of year 3 will be conservatively $80 million  before adding our ancillary products to the mix.    

Perfleek is looking to raise the capital to quickly penetrate the market through aggressively marketing and hiring a skilled team of seasoned telemarketing professionals to call on the real estate professionals.  

OUR PRODUCT IS DEVELOPED.  We are NOT looking for money to try and complete it.  We have updates and further product enhancements that our full time development staff of 9, soon to be 12, are constantly working to enhance and fine tune the site.  Again, we are not looking for money to develop.  We are looking for money to go aggressively to market and quickly achieve market share and significant profitability.  

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