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About the Film 
My client, Loaded Deck LLC, has a film project currently in pre-production, and is looking for approximately $2.5 million to bring to market the film LOADED DECK.  The film is a combination of action, crime, and romantic comedy genres.   It is about an undercover cop, code-named Jack, who falls in love with Rhonda, the woman he's supposed to take down. 
Rhonda's revenge-motivated heist goes wrong, making it clear that her crew, filled with a wild assortment of criminal characters she gave playing card-related code names, is a loaded deck with a snitch in it. She tasks Jack with finding that snitch. Not only his romantic hopes but his very life depends on Jack revealing someone as the snitch while keeping his identity as a cop secret. 
Think Reservoir Dogs meets SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, in a twisting ride that audiences will love. 
Who’s Onboard? 
International star Kevin Sorbo is signed on to act and produce. His fanbase around the world gives the film an audience immediately, and his extensive producing experience is both impressive and financially successful. 
Other recognizable actors are also onboard, including Quinton Aaron, who starred with Sandra Bullock in the blockbuster hit THE BLIND SIDE (grossing over $309 million in box office alone, and garnering Aaron critical acclaim) and Dian Bachar, a hilarious actor known for his roles in all the movies by the SOUTH PARK creators and starring in Guillermo del Torro's upcoming NIGHTMARE ALLEY. 

Jared Vineyard is the producer and main investor contact.  An experienced producer, writer, and director who creates for the stage and screen, Jared’s first foray into producing began as a student at Western Michigan University, where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing. Producing, directing and writing his first full-length play, THEY ALL WANT JEN, Jared not only recouped costs but also made a profit for his production company and the Blue Star Theatre. He gained experience running film sets by writing, producing, and directing commercials for businesses and organizations, always delivering on time and within budget. 
Two previous feature films Jared wrote and produced have been made and received distribution deals. Jared directed full-length plays, commercials, short films, and was 1st assistant director on one of the aforementioned features. He has a very talented crew lined up, headed by cinematographer Travis Prow, who is very experienced and has helped films become award winners. 
Marketing & Distribution 
As a film in top-performing genres, Loaded Deck will have a wide audience base. It can be exploited in markets all over the world, including theatrical releases, DVD and Blu-ray sales and rentals, POD, and streaming platforms. Kevin Sorbo has a large fanbase worldwide, increasing the marketability of the film. The movie will likely come in at a PG-13 rating, not excluding the teen demographic of moviegoers.
 With a publicist and sales rep on board, the film will be marketed at major film festivals to top distributors in the industry. The company also has contacts with smaller distributors, who are ready to take on films Jared produces based on my previous work. Kevin Sorbo’s contacts at larger distributors will also be utilized as needed. 
 For more information, visit www.loadeddeckmovie.com

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