Peace Garden Project

Rolling out our Growing for Healthy Living Program with Garden Expansion

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Peace Garden Project is a 501c3 with gardens in NY and NC. The organization grows healthy food and healthy communities by addressing the intersection of food justice and other justice issues. 

This year we will launch our Growing for Healthy Living Program. This program will work with participants that are recommended by their medical professionals because of their Diabetes and/or Cardiovascular Disease. Participants will learn to grow food, and will be provided with a manual and cookbook to teach them about healthy plant based eating. This funding will allow us to provide this education and produce for approximately 500 families in in Eastern North Carolina and New York.

Additionally, this funding will allow us to expand our gardens into Elizabeth City, N.C. 19% of students drop out of school in Elizabeth City. This funding will give us the opportunity to expand our leadership training to students in Elizabeth City, and will let us provide job opportunities for these students. 

Finally, funding of this project will help to fund the launch of our Peace Garden Products line. We have developed a natural insect repellant and insect repelling soap. The launch of these products will help us to become a fully self sustaining organization. 

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