Modern Take on Traditional Dogpark Experience During Time of Covid19

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Executive Summary

The Atlanta area is one of the most dog-friendly places in the entire U.S. People constantly look for new, interesting places to take their dogs, and venues such as dog park/bars have cropped up in recent years. Yet not all dogs or dog owners feel comfortable at these places with forced interaction; in fact, the venues are not all that safe. Paws Pay Per Play (d.b.a. “Play It Safe! Social Dog Parks”; also referred to as “the Company”) will open a covered, enclosed dog park for canines to play and work on their agility – without having to deal with other dogs and their owners – in Brookhaven, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. The Company will provide five play areas, each about 1,000 square feet, with their own entrances in a sleek and modern, yet outdoorsy, asterisk-shaped building. The units will be long, allowing dogs and owners to run and play fetch, with agility equipment, dog washes, and water-fill stations. The building will feature overhead fans, heat, and antimicrobial, anti-fungal flooring. Dogs will enjoy clean, dry fur and paws; their owners will relish the regulated temperature. Play it Safe will offer annual memberships as well as day and month passes. Spaces will be cleaned between each visitor and the facility will feature round-the-clock camera surveillance and park attendants.

 More than half of U.S. households own at least one dog. In fact, dogs are 50% more popular pets than cats. The pet industry as a whole is worth nearly $100 billion, and 70% of dog owners say that economic downturns don’t affect their spending. In Brookhaven, Georgia, more than 1 in 4 households own a dog and over 15% have used a professional pet service in the past 12 months. The Company will target the 49,000-plus households that own a dog within a five-mile radius of Brookhaven. 

 Play It Safe will mount a robust marketing campaign harnessing both online and offline channels. The Company has hired Tailor Brands, an esteemed AI branding platform, to help build its logo, brand, website, and social media profiles. It will make use of local print and digital publications, as well as Internet and radio advertising, direct mail, flyers, and billboards. The Company will target all area dog-lovers, with a particular focus on Millennials and residents in the upper-middle-income and upper-income tiers.


Play It Safe is owned and operated by Render Walker, a successful entrepreneur and dog-lover with decades of management experience under her belt. Ms. Walker holds a degree in Business from Tennessee State University and has operated her own business, Render Your Paws, in the Atlanta area for the past nine years. Render Your Paws is a dog-walking and pet-care company grossing more than $100,000 annually. Ms. Walker’s experience and industry insight perfectly position her to launch and grow Play It Safe.


To achieve the Company’s objectives, Paws Pay Per Play is seeking $225,000 in a land loan and $495,000 in an operating loan through bank or Small Business Administration (SBA)-backed lending. The bank or SBA-backed loan will be paid back from the cash flow of the business within ten years, collateralized by the assets of the Company, and backed by the personal integrity, experience, and a contractual guarantee from the owner. The owner is investing $80,000 to fund the launch of the Company.


Company Ownership

Paws Play Per Pay is a Limited Liability Company registered in the state of Georgia.  


The Company is owned by Render Your Paws LLC (100%). 


Render Your Paws LLC is owned by Render Walker (100%).


Company Location

The Company is located in Brookhaven, Georgia.

Market Analysis Summary
It is estimated that the total American pet industry expenditure will reach $99 billion in 2020—up from $90.5 billion in 2018. In addition, the pet care industry is mostly immune from economic downturns: A survey by Harris Interactive found that 7 out of 10 dog owners said that “economic ups and downs have no effect on their dog care spending.”[1]  


Spending on pet services and products is growing for virtually every conceivable service, from grooming to walking to training. These upward trends stem in large part from peoples’ increasing reliance on, and friendship with, companion animals–especially dogs. According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), 83% of owners refer to themselves as “Mom” or “Dad,” and 63% of dog owners say “I love you” to their pets at least once per day. These “pet parents” treat animals like family members, which has driven the demand for high-value services and products for pets.


In the U.S., 53% of households–63.4 million–own dogs.[2] That’s 48% of pet owners, compared to 32% with cats, the second most-common pet, and 9% with fish, the third most-popular. 


Render Walker, a lifelong dog-lover and longtime dog mom, knows that many people lack a large, fenced-in area for their dogs to play off-leash. This leads them to try dog parks, which they believe will help their dogs socialize. While the intention is good, dogs are territorial and often end up in serious fights with other dogs. In addition, well-meaning owners who take their dogs to socialize without first establishing themselves as the dogs’ leaders create a situation where the dogs do not respond to the owners’ calls. Even if there is not a fight, this creates a dangerous situation.[1]


In addition to the problem of aggressiveness, dognapping – the kidnapping of dogs – has been on the rise for several years.[2] Dogs need safety and space to run, particularly as they are stuck at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. Dog owners also need a safe place where they feel welcome and comfortable visiting often. Ms. Walker has developed plans for Play It Safe, a secure, enclosed dog park with private areas for dogs to play off-leash without having other dogs in their space or kidnappers nearby. The facility, planned for Brookhaven, Georgia, will be shaped like an asterisk, housing five play areas with outside entrances. Each unit will feature about 1,000 square feet of space and antimicrobial, anti-fungal flooring. The units will be separated by plexiglass inside a covered building with on-site security and round-the-clock camera surveillance. A park attendant will supervise the facility and clean between visitors, following all CDC-recommended protocols.


Play It Safe will accommodate all dog owners and walkers who may not feel comfortable or safe at a traditional dog park or in certain areas, including racial minorities, people who use wheelchairs, and people with social anxiety. Dogs and their owners or walkers will enter and exit the unique and interesting facility via RFID cards, allowing them to avoid running into other owners and their pets. Each play area will be long enough for dogs and owners to run and play fetch, and will feature agility equipment for training dogs, a water fill station for hydration, and a dog washing station. The special flooring will repel germs and insulate and protect paws. In addition, shelter will guard against muddy fur and paws, vs. outside dog parks left to the elements. In the summer, Play It Safe’s overhead fans will keep dogs and owners cool, and come winter, heat will make things toasty. Onsite restrooms and reasonably priced snacks and drinks from vending machines will allow for prolonged stays. Visitors can post pictures and videos using the Company’s Wi-Fi. Attendants will help resolve any issues quickly and effectively, and round-the-clock security cameras will provide extra security and surveillance. 


Play It Safe will feature high-end and metal accents, with a sleek and modern yet outdoorsy vibe. Each unit will allow up to two adults and two dogs at a time. The Company will offer three levels of annual membership, along with day and month passes. Members will create profiles of their dogs on the Play It Safe website. Those who want the ability to set up play dates with other owners and dogs can add their information for an extra fee and sign a waiver. 



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